How to Pick Who Does Your Bat Rolling

How to spot a novice?

People are sending $200 to $600 bats to companies to get rolled; a lot of that business is conducted on eBay. eBay would be the easiest way to start a bat rolling business. A bat roller can be purchased for around $300 and bam you are in business. The company, if you are lucky, that you bought the bat roller will give you some instructions on how to roll. Those instructions will be vague at best because most companies who sell bat rollers also do roll bats. So now that you have a bat roller all you need to do is put up an ad on eBay and get rolling. Wow that was almost too easy, right? Yes, it is easy to start a bat rolling business. Just like any other business, longevity tells a lot of the story. If a company has been around awhile they will have feedback on eBay or a website.

Feedback is a good thing to go by and a 100% feedback does make a difference. This usually means they at least care about their eBay rating. A website is a big venture and takes a monetary commitment and time. Also advertisement on search engines takes money and time. People who create an eBay ad just to try to make a quick buck will not have any of these things except maybe a good feedback rating with little rolling feedback. I would not trust my bat to someone who rolls bats out of their living room and doesn’t have a commitment to their business. Your bats will be the guinea pigs when going with one of these quick start businesses.

Veteran bat rollers: Now how do I choose?

As I said earlier it takes some capital and time to run a website. In my opinion most rolling companies who run a website have some kind of commitment to what service they are providing. So now the question is; who does it the best or who does it well? There are articles and websites out there that describe rolling bats and what the mechanics are. This would be a great tool to understand what is going on during the process and how it works in order to make an educated decision. Examples of things to look out for are: Rolling only perpendicular does not give the best break in (parallel rolling is needed also), longer parallel rollers put too much stress on composite material at once, or bat rollers with bolts cranks put inconsistent pressure across the rollers. Once you figure out what rolling method is the best you pick a few companies and do some research.

The internet is vast and rolling companies are not under the radar. People who have had good or bad experiences will tend to post comments on various websites. Just type in the company’s name and do some digging. Also you can tell a lot about a company if and when they respond to your emails; I would say after 24 hours is too long of a response time if they want your want business.

The single best tip in order to get a good bat roll is to tell the companies that you have a whole team waiting to get their bat rolled if this one turns out good. Rolling companies will treat your bat like gold with the aspect of getting more business.