Online Video Marketing and Mid Roll Videos

Online marketing can be a little tricky to master but doing it right can be the key towards achieving greater success. These days, a lot of business owners are putting a lot of time and effort to get their message across and tap a wider audience through the internet.

One of the most powerful tools is video marketing. This tactic requires the creation and submission of videos to different websites in the hopes of gaining higher search engine visibility. Numerous businesses and websites are now utilizing video advertising because of its distinct benefits.

Advantages of Using Videos

With effective video advertising, a business or website can easily stand out from the rest despite of stiff competition. Videos really offer a better way of catching people’s attention than plain text. Your website will be more striking if you post videos from time to time.

When done right, videos can also create greater user interest and will make your site more interactive. They can be used to educate your target market about the products you offer. Moreover, funny and unique videos have high possibilities of going viral – which would directly mean more exposure for your enterprise when that happens. Aside from the video site, your video may be shared several times by users of social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, and more.

As mentioned earlier, even your search engine ranking will improve as you take advantage of videos. One obvious reason for this is that YouTube is a Google partner and so using the right tags can definitely boost your presence on the web.

The Rise of Mid Roll Video Ads

A new trend that’s been getting a lot of interest among online marketers is the mid roll video ad.

As the name implies, mid roll video ads play in the middle of a streaming video being played by a viewer. To understand the concept clearer, think of it like a television commercial which gets inserted in between programs.

This type of video ad has been discovered to be more effective than pre-roll (which plays before a video) and post-roll (which plays after a video). Researchers confirm that these videos are more engaging and they bring better results. Mid roll video ads get up to 87% viewing rate which is significantly higher than pre-roll’s 70% and post-roll’s 50%.
For more on mid roll videos, you can contact online video marketers to get ideas about how to do this right and how it can benefit your company.