Rolling Your IRA Or 401(k) Into Real Estate

When it comes to getting a handle on your retirement your first priority would be to roll your IRA or 401(k) plans into a truly self directed type of account. One that let’s you handle all forms of investments…real estate, stocks, bonds, mutual funds and any other form of qualified type of investments.

The process for rolling your IRA401(k) plan is simple and painless. Usually the process take only a few days to a week once your old custodian releases your funds and terminates your account.

One item for note is you never want to go through the transfer process. I repeat never transfer funds. Always perform a rollover when executing this transaction. The holding custodian usually will put up a fight because they don’t want to release your funds. (It shows a loss in their books).

Once you perform a rollover your funds can be transferred in one of two ways. Either you roll your existing assets over into the new account provided they are transferable or you cash out the perform the roll over.

With corporate American placing the responsibility of financial management on employees your obligation to build a sizable nest egg is up to you. Just like Mom said “it’s your fault if you leave this table hungry.” I say “it’s your fault for not knowing your financial needs and goals long before you ever reached the point in your life where it mattered.”

It’s not always your fault things happen you took to much risk, you didn’t save enough or at all. Whatever your unique situation may be at this current time you can still change it. The game is only over when you give up or die.

Remember the saying of the Marines “we don’t accept applications; only commitments.” are you committed to mastering your financial life and all aspects of living or are you throwing in the towel? No matter what the choice you make you still have to sleep in your own bed. Commit or throw it in, tough choice isn’t it.

When you choose to roll over your IRA/401(k) plan into real estate you have chosen to fight. You’re willing to do whatever it takes to master your financial future and master the quality of your life. You have all of the ability you need to change you circumstances for your benefit.

Besides rolling your finances over you are simultaneously turning over a new leaf in life. Your in control not just of your financial outcome you have the ability to grow your education and get more involved. It’s my belief that everyone should have a masters degree in finance unfortunately most of us have a PHD in not managing our most important areas of life.

I’ll leave you with this one golden nugget of information. Just like the stone dropped in a calm lake, the ripples reach from shore to shore. As a butterfly flaps its’ wings the effect can be hurricane forces across the globe. So your changes rather they are big or small will have the same effect as the stone or the butterfly.

Ripples on the water or gale force winds over the sea, your changes will impact every facet of your life. Roll your IRA over into tangible, manageable investments and seek out the advice you need. Always be in control and in the drivers seat, when it comes to you and your life.

Anyone Know the Real Birthplace of Rock N Roll? – A Brief History

Though I’ve been telling people since I can remember that Rock And Roll was born in my own little humble hometown of Hattiesburg, Ms., not many believe me. I know it to be true. Even the honorable Rolling Stone Magazine agrees as mentioned in Wikipedia….

Birthplace of Rock and Roll It is a little-known fact that music scholars consider Hattiesburg to be the historic birthplace of rock and roll. [weasel words] As noted in the Rolling Stone Illustrated History of Rock and Roll, Hattiesburg was a recording location of Blind Roosevelt Graves and his brother, Uaroy Graves, who, along with piano player Cooney Vaughn, recorded two songs in 1936 that “…featured fully formed rock & roll guitar riffs and a stomping rock & roll beat.” The Graves Brothers and Vaughn–performing as the Mississippi Jook Band–recorded the songs ‘Barbecue Bust’ and ‘Dangerous Woman’ for the American Record Company, reportedly at the Hattiesburg Train Station.

Why pray-tell did my naive community fail to capitalize on that and so many other cities and towns across America make it faux claims to such origins? Heaven knows. Maybe it didn’t know better, perhaps it was embarrassed. I did not even know until years after I moved away. They’ve never even built a museum commemorating it. (It was always hard for folks to agree down there on much as I remember it).

Less than a decade later, a young singer just out of the military from Tupelo, Ms also made a bit of a splash in the Rock N’ Roll hall of fame. People simply called him “Elvis”. It was journaled that Elvis was always a very polite young man who was reluctantly pushed into fame and fortune, but actually enjoyed “the creative process” much more than the hype (we would later discover that the stress and anxiety of the hype became his demise, unfortunately).

That same small plot of Mississippi land, within miles of Elvis, also gave us B.B. King, Morgan Freeman, John Grisham, William Faulkner, Willie Morris, and other legends too many to count. How could that be, being in the least educated state in the country at the time, and in that particular part of the state, the poorest?

Though I don’t put myself in any of those giant’s league, but am in a creative field, I can only surmise that they had no choice but to be creative. If I remember correctly, and I believe I do, anyone who was “outside the norm” or “creative” was generally pushed to the fringe in the rural south in those days. I have heard it has changed and I hope and pray so.

Of course then came the British invasion in 1963. The mop-styled young men (It is hard for me to believe that I am now old enough to be their fathers) swept the nation like a giant Hoover Vacuum. For many years, Elvis was almost invisible and forget B.B. King. The Beatles were talked about at any function as often as death and taxes.

And even though they kept their most unique presence after many followers entered the scene, such as The Rolling Stones, Dave Clark Five, Zombies, Chad and Jeremy, Peter And Gorden (anyone remember all these?), and so many more.

Finally in 1969, America showcased its own home-grown entities in a concert on a little farm in Woodstock, N.Y owned by a man named Max Yasgur.

It was simply called “Woodstock” (maybe because it was easier to remember than Yasgur). Bands and musicians such as Quicksilver Messenger Service, Richie Havens, Crosby, Stills & Nash (Neil Young was not there yet), Joan Baez, Jimi Hendrix, Santana, Joe Cocker, Country Joe And The Fish, Arlo Guthrie, Janis Joplin and many others showed their wares. But heavy rains and public sex in muddy areas often stole the show. It was to be a musical statement about U.S. Foreign policy in Viet Nam, and sent a very strong message (which was often diluted with abstract vague statements clouded from psychedelic highs.

The music was recorded and it became a legend.

My “better half”-s daughter, age seven, loves Elvis. I do Elvis impressions (fairly well). I call her on the phone and tell her “I love you, Priscilla, Thank you, Thank YOUUUU Ver’ Much!” She chuckles loudly and pretends to be Priscilla.

I am over fifty now but still enjoy classic rock (and earlier rock, blues, folk, etc.) music. A lot of people my age tell me they cannot bear to listen to the music today that kids do. I beg to disagree. I don’t like it all, of course, but didn’t when I was their age either. Now I find it most useful for my daily walks (on the headphones) instructed by my cardiologist (deep sniff). Could it be possible? Did time fly by that fast?

One last funny story.

I was sitting in the doctor’s office waiting. I saw a magazine on the desk with Paul McCartney on the cover a few years ago. I picked it up thinking it was probably Rolling Stone or some similar popular music magazine. I opened it to the McCartney story without even looking what the magazine was.

Upon reading the story, I noticed Paul didn’t talk a lot about music but about his aging. Interesting article but I was confused. It was time for me to see the doctor so I put it down, looked back and it was Moder Maturity Magazine.

So much for “the good old days”. Yes, youth is wasted on the young.

Be Smart About Higher Education: Why Are You Going Nowhere, Anywhere, Or Somewhere?

Where are you going in life and in the pursuit of higher education and why? Twentieth century writer Mark Twain said, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” Life is great as it moves along with good things happening, but what happens when (not if) the tragedies come along? What is it that enables some people to get through tough circumstances while others breakdown?

The answers to the last two questions revolve around two different aspects of the word why. Mark Twain used why in the context of a person’s existence. Seeking why we were born is smart because it opens all kinds of purposeful engagement in life that directly or indirectly involves benefitting others.

In contrast, repeatedly asking why an unexplainable tragedy occurs, a person emotionally ends up going nowhere. The brain tries to answer all the questions asked of it. Asking the brain to answer the unanswerable is comparable to a computer crashing. When given a problem that the computer has insufficient capacity to handle, it goes into what’s known as a freeze. Sustained freezing of the brain is not smart.

When a computer crashes, all that’s necessary is to reboot. Restoration of the human psyche is not that simple. Asking why to unsolvable questions has some PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) characteristics at one end of a spectrum of psychological conditions. Sudden or prolonged seemingly unresolvable trauma coupled with unanswerable questions can bring about serious emotional issues like PTSD.

Another outcome with those same traumatic experiences is the less publicized PTG (post-traumatic growth) that has the opposite effect. Instead of the traumatic experience resulting in a disorder, the person has an emotional fortification that serves to help in future challenges. Whether one develops PTSD or PTG is not a judgment of character since everyone has a breaking point, but a person can develop skills and focus on an attitude that hinders PTSD and promotes PTG.

Nietzsche stated, “He who has a why to live can deal with almost any how.” Viktor Frankl observed this concept personally in Nazi prison camps where people underwent horrific conditions. Many died, no one thrived, but a number survived by focusing on a desirable somewhere which in most cases was home. Viktor observed, “Those who cannot see an ultimate goal in life for existence, end up not having a life.”

Having a meaningful why in the pursuit of higher education is smart. Students knowing why they exist can answer the question why not just going anywhere to school is important. Knowing why higher education is advantageous leads to a more enriched experience because it makes sense. The perspective for the seemingly most boring marketing course for an engineering major can change. When the engineering major understands that marketable features included in the designing of a product radically improve sales, the course becomes relevant.

Knowing why a particular university and major are chosen enables the student to work through the most difficult challenges of academia and the accompanying circumstances – homesickness, peer pressure, and character building. When encountering any challenge, knowing why enables a person to generate the creativity necessary to figure out how. In contrast, without a clear vision and purpose, students can feel like Sisyphus, the Greek character who continuously rolled a stone up the same hill only for it to roll back down to the same place to do all over again.

College or any form of higher education does not last forever, but can be prolonged literally and figuratively due to lack of purpose and knowing why it is more than just getting a job. The majority of students are taking an average of six years to complete four-year degree programs. Others that finish within the four year window crawl to the finish line only to get a job totally unrelated to a major that cost many thousands of dollars.

The frustration of Sisyphus going nowhere does not need to prevail for those in academia. Mark Twain’s reference to that most important day of finding out why we’re born is within the grasp of students. The higher education experience can be fun and fulfilling, but it requires being smart about it.

Online Video Marketing and Mid Roll Videos

Online marketing can be a little tricky to master but doing it right can be the key towards achieving greater success. These days, a lot of business owners are putting a lot of time and effort to get their message across and tap a wider audience through the internet.

One of the most powerful tools is video marketing. This tactic requires the creation and submission of videos to different websites in the hopes of gaining higher search engine visibility. Numerous businesses and websites are now utilizing video advertising because of its distinct benefits.

Advantages of Using Videos

With effective video advertising, a business or website can easily stand out from the rest despite of stiff competition. Videos really offer a better way of catching people’s attention than plain text. Your website will be more striking if you post videos from time to time.

When done right, videos can also create greater user interest and will make your site more interactive. They can be used to educate your target market about the products you offer. Moreover, funny and unique videos have high possibilities of going viral – which would directly mean more exposure for your enterprise when that happens. Aside from the video site, your video may be shared several times by users of social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, and more.

As mentioned earlier, even your search engine ranking will improve as you take advantage of videos. One obvious reason for this is that YouTube is a Google partner and so using the right tags can definitely boost your presence on the web.

The Rise of Mid Roll Video Ads

A new trend that’s been getting a lot of interest among online marketers is the mid roll video ad.

As the name implies, mid roll video ads play in the middle of a streaming video being played by a viewer. To understand the concept clearer, think of it like a television commercial which gets inserted in between programs.

This type of video ad has been discovered to be more effective than pre-roll (which plays before a video) and post-roll (which plays after a video). Researchers confirm that these videos are more engaging and they bring better results. Mid roll video ads get up to 87% viewing rate which is significantly higher than pre-roll’s 70% and post-roll’s 50%.
For more on mid roll videos, you can contact online video marketers to get ideas about how to do this right and how it can benefit your company.