Rolling Your IRA Or 401(k) Into Real Estate

When it comes to getting a handle on your retirement your first priority would be to roll your IRA or 401(k) plans into a truly self directed type of account. One that let’s you handle all forms of investments…real estate, stocks, bonds, mutual funds and any other form of qualified type of investments.

The process for rolling your IRA401(k) plan is simple and painless. Usually the process take only a few days to a week once your old custodian releases your funds and terminates your account.

One item for note is you never want to go through the transfer process. I repeat never transfer funds. Always perform a rollover when executing this transaction. The holding custodian usually will put up a fight because they don’t want to release your funds. (It shows a loss in their books).

Once you perform a rollover your funds can be transferred in one of two ways. Either you roll your existing assets over into the new account provided they are transferable or you cash out the perform the roll over.

With corporate American placing the responsibility of financial management on employees your obligation to build a sizable nest egg is up to you. Just like Mom said “it’s your fault if you leave this table hungry.” I say “it’s your fault for not knowing your financial needs and goals long before you ever reached the point in your life where it mattered.”

It’s not always your fault things happen you took to much risk, you didn’t save enough or at all. Whatever your unique situation may be at this current time you can still change it. The game is only over when you give up or die.

Remember the saying of the Marines “we don’t accept applications; only commitments.” are you committed to mastering your financial life and all aspects of living or are you throwing in the towel? No matter what the choice you make you still have to sleep in your own bed. Commit or throw it in, tough choice isn’t it.

When you choose to roll over your IRA/401(k) plan into real estate you have chosen to fight. You’re willing to do whatever it takes to master your financial future and master the quality of your life. You have all of the ability you need to change you circumstances for your benefit.

Besides rolling your finances over you are simultaneously turning over a new leaf in life. Your in control not just of your financial outcome you have the ability to grow your education and get more involved. It’s my belief that everyone should have a masters degree in finance unfortunately most of us have a PHD in not managing our most important areas of life.

I’ll leave you with this one golden nugget of information. Just like the stone dropped in a calm lake, the ripples reach from shore to shore. As a butterfly flaps its’ wings the effect can be hurricane forces across the globe. So your changes rather they are big or small will have the same effect as the stone or the butterfly.

Ripples on the water or gale force winds over the sea, your changes will impact every facet of your life. Roll your IRA over into tangible, manageable investments and seek out the advice you need. Always be in control and in the drivers seat, when it comes to you and your life.