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Steam Electronic Work Sim Retro Gadgets announced. Making a super -freedom MY gadget from design to programming

Developer Licorice and Studio Evil announced on September 29 the gadget-making sim, Retro Gadgets . The compatible platform is PC (Steam), which is scheduled to be distributed early. In addition, a trial version will be distributed at the Steam Next Festival held from October 3rd. Retro Gadgets is an electronic device creation simulation. On the store page, it is described as a gadget creation station. In this work, it seems that players can enjoy electronic work with extremely high degree of freedom. As an example of the production process, the shape of the foundation is first determined, and parts such as buttons, switch speakers, and LEDs are placed. It seems that the functions can be implemented by arranging CPUs and audio video chips. From trailers, you can see how each part can be placed freely by players using a soldering. It seems that you can make gadgets from Game Boy-style devices to frogs and human-like shapes. And, like hard work, it seems that the software can be creat

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