4: 0 in Munich as Arminia Zum Bayern

Actually an impossible task — or not? Next Saturday, it comes to the Bundesliga evening game, where the Armenia from Bielefeld is a guest at the German record champion, the FC Bayern Munich, before decimated viewers. The circumstances could be little clearer: the offensive science from Bavaria with already 41 goals (ligament value) meets on relatively mucous nine goals from twelve games of the Ostwestfalen (only forth with eight goals met even less). Robert Lewandowski alone achieved 14 goals in this season and thus five more than all armies together. The table situation: first against the penultimate.

????2-8! Bayern Crush Barcelona!???? (Champions League Highlights Goals Bayern Munich 2020 MSN 123) It acts as if the 15th of last season had no hopes for something countable. Or might motivate the view of the history? On March 10, 1979, the 22nd match day of the season, Bielefeld celebrated a 4-0 ridge victory in Munich. Only against Schalke Bavaria lost at home, namely 0: 7 on the 9th match 1976/77. But never since the clatter against Armenia before almost 43 years ago, the FCB lost so high in its own stadium.

When Armenia became the Bavaria fright — long it was. In memory other than the events far before their birth, the Bielefeld players may be those who first played on 15 February this year in the Alliance Arena. At the last guest match there the DSC picked up a 3: 3 respect. In the meantime, there was even a victory in the air, the Armenia led 2: 0 and 3: 1, but ultimately settled with a point.

Only inner defending Amos Piper is from the then scorer this time again, Michel Lap (today FC Twenty) and Christian Bauer (FC Ingolstadt) changed the club. Thus, guests would have to put on new heroes — or hope for another statistic: at least Bavaria seems to bring no luck. On the 13th match day, the FCB collected 15 defeats, at no other match day in now 56 Bundesliga years were more.


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