4 genera videogames in which Riot Games could land in the future

Riot Games is currently at the sweetest time in your business career with the announcement of different fairly ambitious projects as a MMO set in the world of RENATER or a fighting game with perfect and quite polished mechanics with The characters of League of Legends as protagonists. While it will enter different genres within the world of video games, we have thought of another type of games that could fit perfectly with some characters and areas of the world created by Riot Games and that could leave outstanding titles.

4 Exciting New Games from Riot Games - Project A, Project L, Project F & Runeterra

Survival Horror with Fiddlesticks as a protagonist

We will start strong with a game of terror, since although League of Legends is quite Family Friendly (although Arcane seems otherwise), you could enter an area that we are not customary. I came to mind the video about the Fiddlesticks Remake in which many of us gave a jump in the chair due to fear that propagated the demon that travels all RENATER. A kind of outlaid with the monster of harvest It could be a resounding success if fear is distributed in a good way and if it is prioritized above all the terror and the anguish that Fiddlesticks gives us when we Agana line or when we throw a definitive terrifyingly good.

an RTS that ACA all RENATER

Who has not thought about wanting to invade all Dacia by controlling the whole army of NEXUS ? An RTS the purest style Age of Empires could be an authentic pump if it focuses on a good way. With the enormous number of countries, races and ethnic groups in RENATER, it would not be crazy to think that Riot Games is in a very early stage to make this genre so as niche, but that is both so dear for much of the community. The hours we could pass in front of the screen thinking about a strategy to invade stagnant waters with our Soldiers of Plover could give us an entertainment superior to any RTS of today (with clear permission is from AOE 4)

a soulslike in the most recondite places on the map

Although it is more unlikely from the list, it is the humid dream of a large part of the fans of this type of game. Several points are in favor of creating a soulslike, as are the incredible number of characters and fighting styles that could be seen along the game. Since the purest style with a sword and shield as the case of Leona or Garden until Ago more powerful like Rye and HRI to burst enemies from the remoteness. Imagine a game Allen Ring, but with the difference that the map is part of RENATER and enemies are champions of League of Legends or Jungle Monsters... just a dream we could not wake up.

hack n slash with the great champions of RENATER

A Hack and Slash could be The funniest genre on the list If we think about the champions that could appear in the game. Yahoo with his tornado, the vi-enhanced cuffs or maestros are a more than viable option, so they can appear in the game, with gigantic chiefs to destroy like the dragons of the invoked crack or Baron Nash or to the purest GOD OF WAR OR DEVIL MAY CRY style. Do you imagine this game developed by Riot Games with Kamila as Director ? The only viable will be praying for this to happen and sleep come true.


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