Activision Blizzard: Nintendo finds clear words for sexism

The scandal around sexism and discrimination against Activision-Blizzard continues to draw widths. At Activision Blizzard there is great mistrust of the employees who protested their work in protest to demonstrate for C EO Bobby Kicks.

Furthermore, also votes from the gaming industry were loud. Sizes such as Sony and Microsoft already expressed the scandal and condemned the handling of Activision Blizzard with the allegations.

Now Nintendo America reported speaking and thus rejoices in the choir of the gaming sizes.

Nintendo is clearly positioning itself

Like his colleagues of Sony and Microsoft, the President of Nintendo America, Doug Bowler, also wrote an e-mail to his employees. According to a report by Fan byte, he speaks the situation in the mail and clearly positions itself:

As they all have followed the latest developments in Activision Blizzard and the continued reports on sexual harassment and toxicity in the company. I find these reports worrying and distinguishing. They contradict both my values ​​and Nintendo's beliefs, values ​​and guidelines.

In the message, Bowler further explains that Nintendo is for a open and integrative workplace in which all are welcome. He notes that the company holds itself to this standard and that it expects the same from industry and its partners.

Nintendo boss wants to see measures

He even goes on and indicates that the employees of Nintendo in contact with Activision stood and have taken measures and further examination, with not explained in detail to what measures it is This is.

Suspected is thus the ESA, a lobby organization, meant, which he mentioned in the further course. It includes Nintendo as well as Activision Blizzard of this organization.

Bowler says that Nintendo has been working with ESA at the latest since last week to strengthen the attitude towards harassment and abuse in the workplace, and that the ESA must hold its members to the the highest standard.

Each company in the industry must create an environment in which everyone is respected and treated equally, and in which all understand the consequences if this is not the case.

Will Kicking resign?

How and whether the measures made will take place, will still be shown in the future. So far is the board of Activision-Blizzard behind Bobby Kick. This should have known from the sexism and abuse scandal and even had been involved.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Kick think about it, to leave the company. He depends on it, whether he manages to improve the culture of misconduct in his company as soon as possible.

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