Activision creates a labor responsibility committee

Activision Blizzard is a computer system and video game group based in Santa Monica, The Golden State, USA. The firm stemmed from the Blend of the Author Activision with Vivaldi Universal Gaming. In terms of sales, the business is the market leader in the computer and video games industry. The shares of the firm are traded under the abbreviation ATV at the NASDAQ. Majority owner was Vivaldi till July 2013.

The company developed on 10 July 2008 by the merging of the US Group Activision and Vivaldi Gaming, a 100% subsidiary of the media firm Vivaldi. The Video Game Sup of Vivaldi was included into Activision, which Vivaldi obtained the stock majority of Activision Blizzard with 52 percent of the shares. Vivaldi has actually relied on options the opportunity of increasing the shares to 68 percent. The component Blizzard in the firm name go back to the video game programmer Blizzard Amusement, which Vivaldi Gaming presented into the brand-new Group. Because of the general brownness by the development of the video game World of Warcraft, the high sales share in Vivaldi Games and also the autonomy that the studio appreciates both under Vivaldi Gaming and the new team, the combination partners chose to accommodate Blizzard in support of the business.

Activision CEO hid misconduct allegations

Things are not going well for Activision Blizzard for a few months. This did not even go well for the company last week, where employees were actively requested the dismissal of Bobby Kick, the Blizzard Activision CEO. The CEO of PlayStation Jim Ryan, the head Xbox Phil Spencer and even Nintendo of America's Doug Bowler criticized the actions of Blizzard and, more importantly, those of Kick. Girls WHO Code has already ended his partnership with Blizzard, citing he does not want to be part of the toxic work environment.

While Kick has already thought he would resign if he could not solve the problem quickly, he has not accessed the demands of employees. Instead, he created a workplace responsibility committee. It sounds very good on paper, but in reality, it looks more like glue a dressing on a horrible injury. And it is improving again as we plunge into what this committee is supposed to be, and by whom it is directed.

This liability committee on the workplace is composed, unsurprisingly and scary, of Bobby Kick itself and two other members of the Board of Directors, the OCC Julie Hodges and the COO Frances Townsend. This committee is supposed to measure progress and ensure accountability while passing through the process of improving its culture of work, providing frequent progress reports by the three. They are also looking for a new diversified director on the board of directors. In saying all, although this sounds, it does not solve any of the previous concerns. This is all the more worrying that there are allegations against Kick for professional misconduct and that it has been in charge of this committee, but not the other two members of the Board to which the ABK Workers Alliance asked to withdraw.

There is nothing either for the committee to make its conclusions to the public. Instead, according to a statement by the Board of Directors, all that Kick has to do is disclose its conclusions, or its absence, to the board of directors and to anyone else. It is clear that the current circumstances require an increased commitment of the Board of Directors, the statement indicates. The training of the committee and additional future changes will help to facilitate additional monitoring and transparency and to ensure that the company's commitments to the Blizzard Activision workforce are implemented with urgency and impact. This has been a difficult time for the entire company, but the board of directors is confident in the current actions to prepare the company with future success. »

It seems, for the moment, that Activision Blizzard will protect those who are at the top. A larger thrust could be necessary for Bobby Kick to leave the PDG position.

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