Better sleep, gamble better - sleep study with lol

In a critical situation in the game 25 percent can react faster — every player wishes, especially the professionals. How can that be achieved? An option: more and better sleep.

For all athletes it is important to leave and rested in the day to have enough energy for the exhausting sport. However, this does not only apply to football and other sports activities of this kind: Exporter also need a good sleep to succeed.

This is the thesis that precedes a new sleeping study of mattress start-up Emma. Together with the League-of-Legends Esport Team of FC Schalke 04 Esports, you have investigated in the course of this year how to sleep on performance in escort and gaming.

In the results of the study, actually a connection between sleep and performance in gaming seems to have been recognized — but with certain reservations.

Study with five ESport professionals over eight weeks

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The cooperation was started in June 2021. The then Managing Director of FC Schalke 04 Esports GmbH, Tim Rather, emphasized the great importance of this connection:

Reliable sleep is an essential factor to retrieve the cognitive abilities specially required in the ESPORT and to perform constant at the highest level. Specifically, for example, there is an intuitive eye-hand coordination, a strategic mind set and high concentration over one long period.

Five ESPORT professionals of S04 were led by an eight-week sleeping conveyor program, as it is said in the official press release. For this modern sleep technology was used and tested, as certain mattresses and ceilings, as well as individual sleeping advice. Sleep duration and quality were determined on the basis of sleeping trackers and questionnaires.

The LOL eSports were analyzed on certain criteria during this experiment. Among the measured criteria, among others, the DA ratio (Kills / Deaths / Assists) in the game and measurements at reaction time of the athletes.

The Highest performance thanks to increased sleep quality?

In the evaluation of the results, it is actually recognizable that, above all increased sleep quality leads to a performance increase for a large part of the Exporter. This summarizes Theresa Schnorbach, fellow student at Emma, ​​in the study paper together: The results suggest that moments of peak performance with times of the highest sleep quality are accompanied.

Thus, in the investigation of the DA ratio, three participants could be determined that their better general sleep quality is associated with their individually the best performance in the ESPORT. However, more detailed numbers are not mentioned for this.

The reaction time improved, with increased sleep quality, but even for four out of five participants of the study. Thus, a reduction of approximately 400 ms to 300 ms, a change of about 25 percent, was determined.

This case study shows a possible correlation between increased sleep / quality and better performance in the game. Ultimate, however, the results are not yet. Although it is esports and gaming in many ways growing sectors, especially in harness, they are still quite unexplored.

The study report emphasizes that the factory-based research in this area is still very sparse. Accordingly, it would need more than just a case study to guarantee accurate and certain results. A study like this could promote new opportunities and advanced research here.

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