BVB: Erling Haaland checked me out

For Nico Schlotterbeck from the SC Freiburg, the meeting with BVB-ShootingStar Erlang Haaland on the 2nd match day this season was a key experience.

I've noticed how well I can be, said the 21-year-old in the Kicker interview: I just had a good day. Because we were a bit deeper, maybe it was a bit easier. But in I have noticed this game: I can become a perfect center-back, and I'm currently alive.

In direct duel with the BVB striker, there was no trash talk, but one or the other dodgy. He once checked me at me, we've talked about it, Schlotterbeck betrayed and added, Against him, you have to be physically fully at height, but that's football. That's a lot of fun, especially as he is a fair athlete. In the end we gave our hands.

The Freiburg finally defeated the BVB 2: 1. Schlotterbeck switched off Haaland over wide stretching of the encounter. Since this season I know: I can defend against every striker, said Schlotterbeck.

Even in youth, the defender was rather in Haaland regions and played much more offensive. I was sent back to the back, because I became relatively big, Schlotterbeck looked back at this time and said, Meanwhile, it's fun to be inner defenders.

In the U15 and U16, when he was redone, he would, however, would be rather at the Ten, where you can play a decisive pass or celebrate a goal, said Schlotterbeck. But for the 21-year-old is also certain: If I still were striker, I would not have done so many games this year.

Nico Schlotterbeck about the conversation with Hans Flick

So far, this is also valid for the national team. Despite nomination, national coach Hans Flick did not include him at the international matches in September and October, in November Schlotterbeck had to cancel due to muscular problems.

He spoke very openly with me what he expects from me, as he has seen me and that he is relatively happy with me. His prior impression that I have a great self-confidence and a good starting game, as well in the duel, Have confirmed, Schlotterbeck reported about the conversation with flick.

What’s happening to Erling Haaland? He told me that in Germany there is not so many left-footed inner defense, and he definitely wants to see me, I'm still a young player when I continue my way, I will hopefully get many operating times.


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