Erotic, taxis and poor payment: Nintendo in front of the video games

Nintendo nowadays together with Sony and Microsoft is the great trinity of console gaming. It was not always like that.

Before Nintendo found the way into the video game industry, the company worked in various other areas that are not all related to todays identity.

Nintendo was founded on September 23, 1889, by Fujiko Yamaguchi in Kyoto. Even then, the company aimed at the amusement of customers.

For the core business was the production of traditionally Japanese playing cards, called Canada, which were not so popular in Japan. Through Yamaguchi, however, they became very successful and Nintendo quickly becomes the leader in this area.

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  1. 1 a playful origin
  2. 2more bad as law
  3. 3rd transition
  4. 4The story of a company

A playful origin

Either way, Hanuka cards can look like. The motifs are usually very artistic. Source: Nintendo Canada cards are a bit thicker playing cards with different designs that have a long tradition in Japan and are used for different games.

Since they were so successful, wanted the son-in-law Fujiko Yachts, Skirt, who took the company in 1929, the cards also selling the cards abroad. But that only worked moderately well. Due to decreasing interest and the bad image of the cards, triggered by often criminal card players of the Japanese Mafia, sales went back to the revenue.

In order to counteract, the great-grandchain of the company founder, Hiroshi Yamaguchi, who took over the company 1949, a contract with Disney. As a result, his company was authorized to produce Handfuls with Disney motifs. The hoped-for salvation was not and Nintendo was forced to look after new economic pillars.

More bad than right

Under the lead Hiroshi Yamaguchi, the company changed. He fired all his relatives who worked in the company, they could come to his business plans in the cross.

These ideas were sometimes very unusual. For example, in the 1960s, he tried to balance the low turnover through the Handfuls in which he decided to enter the grocery store. And with the production of instant noodle dishes, which ultimately turned out as a purpose.

The only thing outside the playing cards, with the Nintendo managed to achieve profits, was the founding of a taxi company called Darya. With this they managed to successfully win about two months, then was over.

The only reason why the taxi division could write positive numbers at all was that the employees got much too little salary. They lived below the subsistence level to compensate for the small revenue. However, the staff did not do that for long and the business segment broke together.

But it was even crazier, because Nintendo rose even in the erotic industry under Hiroshis leadership. For example, he brought card collections with naked women on the market and founded a love hotel chain. But these did not bring any money, and it was rumored, Hiroshi would have just founded them to use them for free. But more than rumors are not.

The upheaval

In 1969, Nintendo finally got into the toy industry, which laid the foundation for later success. The ultra-hand was Nintendos most successful toy Source: Nintendo significantly involved in the young engineer Junta Yoko, one of the most important people in the history of the company, which is also due to the Game Boy. He created the ultra-hand, a hand with a handle that can speed forward by pressing and grab things. This inconspicuous invention was the rescue for Nintendo and was sold over a million times in Japan.

Nintendo's First Game (& How to Play it) With the Game & Watch, Nintendo succeeded in international breakthrough. Source: Nintendo Yoko also developed an electronic lover, who brought Nintendos first international success and technology experience, which was important for later development.

A short time later, Nintendos first consoles in Japan, which made the company known in this market segment: The Game & Watch devices, each equipped with a single, simple game.

With the publication of the Nintendo Entertainment Systems (NEW) in 1983 (Japan) and 1985 (Europe and America), Nintendo finally made international breakthrough, produced a successful console after another and created fantastic franchises. The rest is history...

The story of a company