FC Schalke 04 gives more league and dismisses PES

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The news flood of Gelsenkirchen, she does not end. In July 2020, a guarantee of the state NRW was necessary to keep the club liquid. In the summer of 2021 then the descent of the professional football department in the 2nd Bundesliga.

This was followed by a consistent gaming reduction on less than 80 million euros and the starting place for the European League of Legends League (LEC) to the ESPORT organization BDS. The latter rinsed a whole 26.5 million euros in the clubs of the club.

Too little to maintain the ambitious commitment in the ESPORT at the total liabilities of currently about 200 million euros in its former width?

Retreat from game and league

Now the degradation of the ESPORT division continues: The FC Schalke 04 ends with the coming season 2022 for the time being its efforts in the Football.pro, the professional league to Names PES / Football series.

Both Mike 'El Matador' Linden, and Mehran 'Mermen' Sicilian confirmed in conversations with Schalke Esport their expired contracts and languages ​​about the license loss.

FIFA 19 - Juventus vs Schalke | UEFA Champions League ( Full GamePlay PS4 ) Schalke's aspirations in the ESPORT have been successively shut down in recent months, and a partnership with INAMI is generally not continued.

The license was not extended due to the descent, as INAMI licensed no second division. Schalke has tried a lot to extend the license, but that's failed, says Mike Linden. This eliminates the most important reason for Königsberg, a profit team.

'Mermen' leads out: About our future can I say that she was, not now, does not continue with the FC Schalke 04, since Schalke will not be represented in Football and thus can not participate in the competition.

Schalke itself confirms these statements to Schalke Esport. In 2022, the club will definitely not participate in the football.pro. However, talks with INAMI would continue, another commitment of Schalke in the coming year is not excluded, but first the club will wait for a certainty regarding an ESPORT league. The new Football of the Japanese developer is almost unplayable so far and does not have a possibility for professional sports.

Schalke's escort ambitions continue to shrink

The Football.pro season 2021 was able to conclude the scarce-trio around Linden, Sicilian and Adrian Burma — with a win over the AS Rome — surprisingly in third place.

Achievements to which the association can no longer build withdrawal from the professional league. While Burma came under contract in Rome in October 2021, Linden and Sicilian are currently looking for new challenges.

No club knows when the season starts, still in which mode should be played, said the current situation in Names Football and the associated difficulties on contract conclusions in the professional area.

It is a long case in which the ESPORT department of FC Schalke 04 is currently located. 2018 for entry into the PES Profiling that sounded different:

In football business, we were one of the pioneers when we have decided to integrate our own ESPORT department in the club. We are planning to constantly expand our commitment in this area and to open up other areas of eSport, Tim said Rather, Schalke Chief Gaming Officer then. But also repressed after the descent into the 2nd Bundesliga the scarce.

It is a statement that had only a short half-life in the retrospective. By leaving the LEC and Football.pro, Schalke's commitment in the ESPORT has shrunk to the League of Legends Prime League and FIFA.


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