Spider-Man: No chance House s Gwen Stacy callback has developed the finest Andrew Garfield fan concept

The new trailer for Spider-Man: No chance Residence includes a pretty explicit reference to the fatality of Gwen Stacy-- a tragic comic event that also happens in 2014 s The Amazing Spider-Man 2, starring Andrew Garfield.

There, Emma Stone s Stacy is up to her death throughout the sequel s final act-- despite Peter s efforts to grab her.

In No Chance House, MJ (Sunday) is seen falling off a structure and Tom Holland s Spider battling to conserve her. The alongside the wall-crawler s darkest hour are clear-- yet followers think Andrew Garfield will certainly conserve the day.

Calling it currently: Andrew will certainly save her, Destinyman50 said on Reddit, resembling the thoughts of many who think that Andrew Garfield s Spider-Man-- while notably absent from the second trailer-- will go through a redemption arc and also find out from his biggest mistake.

Some followers go one more and also believe that Marvel/Sony have actually edited the trailer simply sufficient to hide the reality that it s Andrew Garfield s Spider-Man, not Tom Holland s, that reaches out to grab MJ while she s falling. Take an appearance on your own and also make a decision.

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SPIDERMAN No Way Home Official Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Villains Explained & Hidden Details If you believe Garfield s very own words, he s adamant he s not also in the motion picture.

I m not in [Spider-Man: No Means House], Garfield said in an interview on The Today Show that broadcast pre-trailer launch. I like Spider-Man, I always have. I was so satisfied to have actually played the part. I m so excited to see what they make with the third one.

Not long to go up until we figure out either way. Spider-Man: No Other Way House is swinging into cinemas on December 15 in the UK and also December 17 in the United States.

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