Star Wars: Film Trilogy of Director Rian Johnson is not coming anymore

Only on Tuesday we reported that Lucasfilm and director Patty Jenkins currently have creative differences when it comes to the film Star Wars: Rogue Squadron goes. The result: The project will probably not be seen as planned in December 2023 in the cinemas.

According to the current reports, however, there are also problems with the trilogy of director Ran Johnson.

Star Wars iced by Ryan Johnson?

It is now four years ago that those responsible for the Sci-Fi Saga have announced a brand-new trilogy, which should be designed by director Ran Johnson. Since then, however, nothing has heard more about the Star Wars project. Matthew Belong (editor at Hollywood Reporter) now claims that there were also creative differences here.

After Johnson s Episode 8 the last Jedi controversial, there was always criticism of the plans of Lucasfilm, the director then to entrust a complete trilogy to the director.

Which Star Wars movies come?

The Johnson trilogy would not be the only project that Lucasfilm has last discontinued. The trilogy of the Game-of-Thrones maker was placed on ice some time ago. At the moment, new films in the cinema are planned for December 2023, December 2025 and December 2027.

Among other things, Marvel President Kevin Feign is currently working on a project in the Sci-Fi Universe. There are rumors that Eternals director Chloé Zhao should be on board. Parallel to this is also a film by Taiga Witty in work. Director J.D. Dillard is also to work on a project — but here is still unclear whether the movie will appear in the cinema or at Disney +.

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