The Fallout TV program continues to happen, according to Todd Howard

It s been more than a year since Bethesda and Amazon announced a television series based on Fallout games, so you could forgive some fanatics for thinking that it could have been silently canceled. Fortunately, that is not the case, since Bethesda Todd Howard has confirmed that the program is still developing. Howard was asked about CAR during a REDDIT Questions and Answers session by celebrating the launch of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Anniversary Edition. While Howard had little to say about the project, the fans of the games should be happy to know that the program has not received the ax.

Going forward. Really excited to work with Jonah, Lisa and Amazon, Howard wrote on Reddit.

Revealed: Amazon Fallout TV Show Produced By Todd Howard (NOT CLICKBAIT!!!) Howard refers to Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, creators of HBO s West world. The two have been linked to the project since it was announced in July 2020, so it seems that it has not changed much since then. In this case, it seems a case of not having news is good news! With luck, Bethesda and Amazon will have more information to reveal in the coming months.

While the adaptations of video games historically have been a mixture, they are in a Renaissance, at this time. Adaptations such as Pokémon: Detective Pikachu and Sonic Hero- have shown that Hollywood can succeed if it is cigarette the original material. This month you will see the launch of RESIDENT EVIL: Welcome to Raccoon City, while next year we will see template and sonic the hedgehog 2 accelerating in theaters. Aureole and The last of us Both will have television programs in 2022, while Mario will get an animated theatrical premiere of Illumination and Universal.

Given all the attention that video games are receiving from Hollywood, it makes a lot of sense that Car is still a priority for Amazon. Unfortunately, it is difficult to say what game (or games) car the series could follow, or if the program will offer a new history using the concepts and themes of the games. For now, fanatics can console themselves knowing that it is still happening!

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