The Last Stand: Aftermath Suspicious Signal Task Guide

If you are struggling to finish The last stand: consequences thanks to some tasks in hell, then we have it covered. This is our The Last Stand: Consequences The Suspicious Signal Task Guide will help you complete the game successfully.

The Last Stand: Aftermath Suspicious Signal Task Guide

After giving just a baby pass after your last excursion through a damn hell, Radar will call you, so you can do everything again because they think they found the signal. Activate your concentration mode, and you should see one or two arrows on the map. Go to that address, eliminating turrets and zeds as you advance. Nothing here is so heartbreaking as the night trip along the path of the mined field, occasionally dotted by traps of infection. Just keep the lights on, and you ll be fine.

Also, stay firm each time you hear shooting. It is probably a turret.

Eventually you will meet with the most obvious trap in the world. As you do not have another option, activate the trap and cross your fingers to know that you have enough things to do the job. Activate the beacon in the center so that the obvious omen are thrown by your throat and then cry while 4 shipping containers are opened to reveal a lot of zombies. If you have something automatic, you should not have too many problems. Just try to avoid being too close to something in flames, and you ll be fine.

Beware of the big boy too. It is best to take care of him with Molotov, as they instantly explode instead of pumps that take a few seconds and may be difficult to track. Once everything is over, you are still not 100% clear, since you will have to deal with the small army that accumulates on the doors while you have been fighting. Activate the keyboard and ends with the army and skeletal zombies that are running towards you. It is a good opportunity for mines, if you have any.

Be careful on your way back to the car, since the forest you traveled is still plagued by enemies and turrets. Once you are back safely at your car, you will be on the road again and approaching at the end of your arduous trip.

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