Women Bundesliga: FC Bayern Munich vs. VfL Wolfsburg now in the live ticker

FC Bayern Munich Basketball GmbH, commonly referred to as Bayern Munich, is a professional basketball club, a part of the FC Bayern Munich sporting activities club, based in Munich, Germany. The club contends domestically in the Basketball Bundesliga (BBL) and also globally in the EuroLeague. The team plays its home games at Audi Dome, which was opened in 1972. FC Bayern Munich Basketball also has a book team that plays in German third-tier level ProB.

On the 8th day of the Women s Bundesliga it comes today for top game between Bayern Munich and VFL Wolfsburg. Here you can watch the game in the live ticker.

In the top game of the Women s Bundesliga leaders Bayern Munich and VFL Wolfsburg meet. Which team stands after the game at the top? Our live Scores Your miss anything.

Bayern Munich vs. VFL Wolfsburg 0: 0



Installation Bavaria

| Beneath — glass, Cunninger, Kumeyaay, Going — Magill, Brazil — Bull, Dallas, Bernstein — Damjanovic

Installation Wolfsburg

| Schultz — Hendrick, December, Janssen, smoke — Dübendorf, Latvian — Knack, Reward, Hugh — Warmth

Yellow cards

| Overdose (36th)

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Women Bundesliga: Bayern Munich vs. VFL Wolfsburg NOW LIVE Scores — 0: 0

Conclusion: The clearly better chances had Bavaria in the first half. Wolfsburg should like to thank goalkeeper Schultz, that there is still 0: 0 stands. Otherwise, played out in midfield especially much. Both teams run on early, both can by combining properly by not.

Women Bundesliga: Bayern Munich vs. VFL Wolfsburg NOW LIVE Scores — Played first half

45 + 1: In but nothing more happens. Arbitrator Caroline Wacker half has come to.

  1. At the end of the first half, Bavaria have their best chance. One minute there on top of it now.

  2. Again shoulder kept her team in the residue. Damjanovic is free from an error in the defense line by. The striker can wait a bit too long, then that shoulder before her build and wards concluding with a Parade.

  3. madness Parade of Schultz! Magill enters a free-kick from the left half-field in the penalty area. Damjanovic extended on five of the ball to the far post. Schultz scratched him with a sharp reflexes of the line.

  4. For a supposedly harmless boarding against Magill Overdose Yellow scores. Since it has certainly identified the sum of fouls after the midfielder had previously repeatedly been reached.

Women Bundesliga: Bayern Munich vs. VFL Wolfsburg NOW LIVE Scores — yellow card Dübendorf

  1. Almost the lead for the ladies of Bavaria! Bull has changed sides and continues through the left with a bit of luck against Hendrick by. The national team goes into the box and finds a sharp cross the incoming Dallas. Their conclusion is only narrowly wide. Schultz would have been powerless.

  2. Meanwhile disjointed encounter a lot and influenced by many duels in midfield. The game is becoming a battle of attrition.

  3. Going looking Bernstein with a cross to the back post. But Demeter is on the spot and heads the ball out.

  4. Warmth has gotten something in a duel with Going. The 25-year-old must be treated briefly, but can then move on.

  5. If at Wolfsburg something goes then Warmth. This time they tried reflexes, but Beneath is on the field.

  6. The initial phase, both teams will very intense. Both run on high and also go permanently into the fast counter pressing. With whom the forces wear make faster noticeable after exposure to the Champions League matches during the week?

  7. Bull tried it now once a solo right. But your degree with the left is easy prey for Schultz.

  8. The ladies of Bavaria are more game-determining, really dangerous in the box they are not yet come. A corner from the left also brings nothing.

  9. First of goal in the game. Bull moves from the right side inside, her conclusion is blocked and lands in the set moved Going testing using scoring to their national team colleague Schultz.

  10. Wolfsburg makes for the first time a little pressure and settles in the attacking half. However, two edges of Warmth from the right found no takers.

  11. Before 2,000 spectators at the campus in north Munich the hosts begin dominant and first check the gaming device.

  12. First attack the wolf Burger interior. Hugh sends Warmth on the right, but the attacking player places the ball a bit too far ahead. Goal kick for Bayern Ladies.

  13. The match is underway in Munich.

Women Bundesliga: Bayern Munich vs. VFL Wolfsburg NOW LIVE Scores — kick-off

Before the start: The ladies have completed their warm Mach program. Soon it starts.

Before the start: Small surprise in the statement of Bavaria. Lea Schiller, the six goals scored in seven games so far, only on the bench.

Women Bundesliga: Bayern Munich vs. VFL Wolfsburg today in Live Scores — Before the start

Before the start: Master against cup winners, first against second — the match between FC Bayern Munich and VFL Wolfsburg is the absolute top match in the women s Bundesliga. In the season so far, the two present-day counterparts already had each a defeat. The she-wolves have also played one draw, which is why the women of FC Bayern are in the table, two points ahead of Wolfsburg.

Before the start: The game of the 8th match day will kick off at 14 o clock on the FC Bayern Munich campus today.

Before the start: Hello and welcome to the live ticker of the encounter in the women s Bundesliga match between FC Bayern Munich and VFL Wolfsburg.

Women Bundesliga: Bayern Munich vs. VFL Wolfsburg today live on TV and live stream

The big game of the Women s Bundesliga is transferred today from 14 pm from Bayerische Rundown (BR) and the Norddeutschen Rundown on free TV. On the websites of the two public broadcasters You can find also each a free live stream.

Also shown live Bayern Munich vs VFL Wolfsburg at Magenta Sport. The transfer the pay-TV channel of Telecom with presenter Simon topper and commentator Martin Miller starts at 13.45. To Magenta Sports received, you must have a valid subscription.

In addition, Football offers the top match in the live stream. On the sports platform, the game can individually at a price of 1.99 euros be booked.

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