Wow: Asmongold criticizes the greed of Blizzard and has given up the community

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Microtransactions have been in WoW now to the business of Blizzard for years. Every few months players have the opportunity to buy the shop for real money mounts, pets and now also transmit sets. Special mounts for the conclusion of a 6-month subscription are given to the player for subscription extension and the mount later taken from the game again to may be available again at a later date.

How easy and fast Blizzard can generate money with store mounts, we have already looked at the article Store Mounts — Gold Pit or Drops on the Hot Stone?.

Therefore, shop offers in WoW work so well

This triggers the Como (Fear of Missing Out) at players and lines player to the purchase of new mounts because the shop mounts usually significantly high-resolution and more detailed appearance than most other ribs in the game you get without real money.

Asmongold Just Can't Believe Blizzard's GREED (New WoW Microtransactions) With the sweet Marlon baby backpacks and the Seersucker Set is now also a Tran smog set in the shop, which with its effects and detailed the most other Tran smog items in Wow puts into the shade. Someone who has previously preferred these practices years ago and previously rejected is World of War crafts (Buy Now €14.99) The Largest Influencer Mongol.

Mongol warns for years ago and more microtransactions in WoW

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With a view to its earlier comments on this situation and the new items in the WOW shop, Mongol said, The reason why it is bad is that the sets in the game will not look so good as the sets in the game The shop will be put. And I think you can argue: I like this set (Tier 22) rather than this other set (commercial transmits).

But do you know what you can not argument for? That the animal-22 sets were not better designed that this set was not unique and that this set was no longer spurred than in the shop set.

The disappointment about the optics of the new animal sets in patch 9.2 was already great in the imagination video of the upcoming update. All the deeper the mandrel sits that only a short time later a surprised transmit set for real money in the shop landed. Mausoleum die mythic sets of the first make hope.

AMMONOID has given up the games shank at this point

Mongol continued to prove his point of view by saying that there are unique 3D assets for the commercial ensemble of the sky observer in the WOW shop missing in the new equipment set of patch 9.2.

He continued with his crusade against microtransactions in Wow and said, The thing is that: If the people want to buy this stuff today, I do not care. It does not matter anymore. There are so many problems with the game, who is interested in that already... I have this fight with the player base as good as lost. The ensemble of heavenly observer in WOW is significantly high-resolution and has special optical effects that has no other item in the game. But the set is only available via a shop package. Source: Blizzard Ive tried for years to convince the games of the games that these things are bad for the game, but they refuse to listen to me. And now such things come and people still find excuses.

He finished his thoughts with a comparison between Blizzards WoW and Amazons New World and noticed, If you compare the greed of Blizzard with that from Amazon, Amazon usually has the nose in front.

Blizzard is now greedier than Amazon ?! Phew, thats a statement. What about Microtransactions in Wow? Has the whole thing taken over now, or can you find that it is still in the framework with the offers? We are looking forward to your opinion in the comments.


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