Zoff between DFB and player advisors

The headquarters of Logon is a listed villa in a country house style in the Palatinate Frankenstein. Managing Director Roger Pittman is considered a big player among players' agents.

On the company's website states: Logon will never ask for money from a youth player or his parents for their advice. Even that's what a year-long dispute in the 61-year-olds with the German Football Association. The Higher Regional Court of Frankfurt / Main announced on November 30 (9:30) a decision in the appeals process, which is observed in the professional sector like a hawk.

Nearly 200 million euros was the Bundesliga 2019/2020 made for players consultants. The bustle of the most reclusive agents is long gone according to critics out of hand. Pittman has clients like Julian Dealer, Roberto Firming, Marcel Sanitizer, Hilo Keeper, Lukas Mecca and Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting. He is also known for its wires to Brazil and Asia, and its connections to Cofferdam patron Dietmar Hope.

point of contention: The 2015 introduced regulations consultants

In dealing with the DFB to the 2015 Regulations introduced consultant especially the requirement to register as a player consultant at the DFB and to subject the association is. The Logon party relies on the fact that it comes in its action to the economic aspect of football.

Pittman can speak his lawyer in this Cause. Alexander Nietzsche from the Frankfurt law firm Glass Lutz is antitrust expert. The DFB will lay claim to regulate the market for players' agents. The DFB is many things, but among other things, the cartel of clubs, and he coordinated the terms on which the clubs' player referral services to buy, says Nietzsche. After the antitrust restrictive Shopping rules are prohibited, although there are exceptions.

The German football player, Brokers Association is absolutely behind the action of its own member Pittman. Have two players 'agents submit to the Palatinate Frankenthals jurisdiction of the DFB and the regulations for players' agents — without that you are as a player agent member of the association and can not be, asks FFVV Managing Director Philipp Weller. If we can not join in, then you can us not impose duties. The Court of Appeal has already indicated at the hearing that it sees this situation critical.

Protect young footballers against fake agent

Should also be clarified whether commissions may be paid for under-age footballers. The scouts all over the world search for talent long ago, the much younger than 18th With the completion of 16 years one can play in the Bundesliga. Except football as Florian With (Leverkusen) and Jamal Musial (Bayern) are already with 18 international.

Talents are in negotiations with clubs this completely inexperienced opposite, in that a consultation is done also to protect the young players, said FFVV representative Weller. And it was to represent as big a cost, underage footballers — perhaps an even bigger than older ones. Logon insists here on the principle of free competition. Third, it comes at the OLD procedure is still a question of whether mediators may participate in a professional to a third club in a subsequent resale.

The union of the contract footballers (HDV) in Germany has long been established an extensive list of demands for the reform of the right of players' agents. The players' union wants, for example, limit the amount of commission for brokers to a fair degree and insert the license, among others, with an integrity check again. Prevention work should their opinion be strengthened by, in particular youth players before better protect fake agents and criminal activities.

New rules will be much more engaging

Internationally is a lot of movement in the struggle for rules a billion business. World governing body FIFA will straighten the transfer being new to and wants to tighten the loosened five years ago requirements for Player's agent again.

Jason Childers - Players' Advisor/Agent In the past week, the European Parliament adopted a report with numerous demands on organizations and institutions. Among other things, the deputies were in favor of improving the transparency and accountability in the player transfer market in all Palatinate Frankenthals. The activities of intermediaries should be regulated. The new rules are much more engaging be because they also lids commissions. This is legally a purchase price cartel. For millions of fines imposed in other industries, said Logon lawyer Nietzsche.


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