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The 2020 season of overwatch league started this weekend with home stand matches organized by New York Excelsior and Dallas Fuel. It was an explosive start for the third season, each team that proved the work she had done throughout the dead season, with surprises and upheavals at each street corner.

Toronto Defiant Against Eternal Paris was the first, playing control on Living Tower as a first card. It was a slim victory for Paris, largely thanks to Kathy » Uzi » Jung, whose incredible parts of Symmetry led his team to a 2-0 cap, including a 0-100 cap on the Night market card. On the second card, Buchenwald, Toronto, subtitled in Lane Sure four Roberts. The legend of the DPs did not have a lot of playing time with the Gladiators last season, but he started his time with a blank with a bang, dominating the game on Reaper.

Reaper and Younger of Sure four » Kari Ana Park was an unstoppable duo, and in collaboration with the rest of their team, they took the card. The Aggressive Gameplay of Paris was very effective on a map more Static, like the Living Tower, where they could back down Toronto in a corner and attack them at one time, using heroes such as Moira.

However, facing the Jokers of Toronto, they lost their balance, as seen on the third map, Horizon Lunar Colony, when they lost the control of the heights. Nicolas Nicolas More, on Ma, desperately tried to increase the chances of Paris, and his wall of ice has managed to divide Toronto in two long enough for his team to cap the point. At the end of Account, however, Toronto was too strong for them, especially with the legends of the DPS Carrefour and Brady Agility Girard on Samba and Doom fist, and Canadians won the 3-1 series.

The following was New York Excelsior against London Spitfire. After a second disappointing season, all eyes were turned to the former winners of the inaugural season to see if they could start an arc of redemption, and London did it on the first card, Living Tower, whom they won. New Ginseng Rookie Glister LIM has played exceptional parts on McGee, which continued on the second card, King's Row.

This card was extremely close, the two teams constantly pushing, like a game of cat and mouse. Honeymoon New York Hotkey Choir has raised pressure on his audience by launching crazy bombs d.VA throughout the match, leading to a victory for the Excelsior. After two other victories over Horizon Lunar Colony and Junker town, New York won the 3-1 series on its own ground.

Passing to Dallas for the evening, the fans were able to watch the finalists of last season Titans of Vancouver and gladiators of Los Angeles face. Aside from the intense matches, it was a special game, because of the return of BYU Ryujehong Belong, with Vancouver and Kim Birding Bishkek, with gladiators. The Two players were supposed retired from overwatch, especially after Ryujehong's emotional explosion on stage last season while playing for Seoul Dynasty.

Another player who stood out during the series was Toni ' CLOUDY iPhone, a tank player for Los Angeles. He greatly contributed to the Gladiator's victory over Nepal, because his trust helped him to charge his opponents and to defend his team on Reinhardt. Gladiators were looking for a new victory over King's Row, with Indy Space Happen killing him with D.VA bombs — a frequent phenomenon on this card, it seems — and Vancouver unable to deal with accelerators And the orbs of Moira launched. However, halfway to the match, the Titans woke up and went to a more traditional meta (they played before Kenyatta and Brigitte), assuring them the map.

After three other cards with foolish games, like a Death Blossom with four deaths of Birding and some of the best Dragon blades ever seen in the Yo-jong League in Vancouver BASAL Kim, the Titans won the 3-2 series.

The last match of Saturday saw Los Angeles Valiant and Dallas Fuel Face the Dallas Field. Fans and analysts have written valid after a second disappointing season, but they have dispelled any doubt, beating the local team. La's Kai DSP » Collins made a name as an expert elite shooter throughout the series, slapping head-to-head on heroes like McGee and Widow maker.

After Dallas took the first card, the commentators joked about the cursed teams who won the first control card, but then lost the series, and that could not have been more true. The Valiant won Blizzard World, Horizon Lunar Colony, Junker town and, possibly, the series, in what was probably one of the best and exciting games of the day. Caleb Gravy Garvey continued the new tradition of the league of exploding on D.VA, posing several bombs d.VA to six.

Something that helped the valiant in their victory is the fact that they were not afraid to fight against their opponents. If they are given the choice between waiting for their time or load, they will choose to dive. It was a risky game, but it obviously paid, because they won 3-1. Their victory was remarkable because a team of recruits, some of which were invisible in the league before this season, eliminated a team full of well-established talents.

FPL GAMEWEEK 18 PREDICTED LINEUPS | Disruption looms ????‍♂️ | Fantasy Premier League Tips 21/22 Gravy commented on the series afterwards, saying, We have been the outsiders from the reaction. He continued saying it was a personal victory for him, while he played for the team of the Dallas Academy, Team Envy, for about year, but has never been signed to their team. The league.

Sunday matches started with two European face-to-face teams, London Spitfire and Paris Eternal. Both teams were trying to buy back after losses the day before, but, just like their match against NYX, London fell flat and Paris took the 3-0 series.

The series began in Nepal, on which Paris struggled and dominated. They made great use of closed spaces around capture points, Nicolas on Ma blocking their opponents with Ice Wall. Also on the first card, Brice God FD Monster has hit Lucio's crazy books.

The second game of the day was Boston uprising against New York Excelsior, the crowd at home. Things were fine for Boston on Oasis until the Excelsior wakes up and realizes that they would have to fight for the map. It was a quick fight, with New York dominating the map, dividing the uprising to eliminate them. On Blizzard World, Boston fought beak and nail to reach point B before being stopped by New York Defenses.

An outstanding player of this particular card was Jong-Ryeol Saebyeolbe Park, who was named one of the best DPS players in the world, as well as the best captain of the league. Its McGee pieces have contributed significantly to repelling Boston, preventing them from captioning the next point, even when there was less than one meter to push the payload. He used his flash bangs to stop the enemies on their traces before completing them.

The finale card, Anubis, seemed promising again for Boston. Despite a first disordered and uncoordinated attack, they managed to take both point A and point B with about 30 seconds to do in the time bank. But it was New York's turn. They took both points with more than 5 minutes to play, which means that the uprising had no chance in the second round. New York finished the match with a 3-0 net sweep.

Then, the Almighty Titans of Vancouver against the Reforms Valiant. The valiant always felt confident after their victory against Dallas Fuel the day before, and that resulted in their gameplay. They had to win the first round on Living's tower after reaching 99% on the capture point, but the Titans managed to return to the last moment and keep a strong defense, taking the turn.

Los Angeles has also started on the second card, but their short time team showed that Vancouver has managed to fight, even after losing a team fight. The Titans took the card. On Blizzard World, Vancouver has not lost time and finished the card with three minutes in the time bank. It seemed unlikely that valid could beat that, but they managed to push the payload until the end point with four impressive minutes remaining at the bank.

Now, everything resulted in the second round. Touched it point A bit could not go much further, and despite all their efforts, the Titans crossed their defenses and took point B, taking the map. Although they could not win the card, the Valiant had great games and his defense was solid. A strong point was Kyle SF Franconia on Ma. He used his Blizzard to freeze all Vancouver players on the payload so that his teammates can complete them, clean up and stop his opponents.

On Anubis, Vancouver crossed points A and B without much resistance. It took it in pretty time, but the defenses of the Titans were very strong, and it had to wait for overtime to capture the point B. Vancouver then won the map and the 3-0 match, holding fully in the second round.

The last game of the weekend saw Dallas Fuel face title champions San Francisco shock. After their defeat against the valiant on their own land yesterday, Dallas was looking for a victory to buy back in the last game of his home stand weekend. It seemed like the odds were against them, opposing them to one of the strongest teams of the league, but the fuel was ready to fight.

Shock took the first round on Oasis, but in the second round, they managed to take control of the point, finishing the turn with a thin win of 100-99. The final round seemed simply thin, with the point of spilling the teams in the blink of an eye, but shock came out, taking the card.

San Francisco brought this energy to Buchenwald, where they finished their turn with three minutes to do in the time bank. Fuel has also taken an incredible start, succeeding in crossing shock defenses with little difficulty, but they found themselves unable to pierce to point C, which means that the champions of last year took the card. Fuel progress was partly thanks to Good rot the precise and crazy blows of Gang on McGee, that he also showed the fans on the first card.

The tables quickly turned to Horizon Lunar Colony, while Dallas held perfectly San Francisco in point A in the first round. Determined not to let his opponents take a card, the shock has led a huge fight in the second round, but finally the fuel is able to take stock A and win the card. However, despite their great shape on the previous map, in Havana, Dallas has been pinned during almost all round, and when they broke out, they could not reach point A, which means that the shock (who finished the card with 15 seconds to do) took the 3-1 series. It was a first explosive weekend of overwatch league season 3, and fans can expect an intense similar gameplay next week. The second weekend of the season 2020 begins on Saturday, February 15 at 1 pm with Florida Mayhem vs Houston Outlaws, organized by Philadelphia Fusion.


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