Dofus KTA: Complete Interview of Shax and Midl

DOFFS (obvious/ or/ do.fys/) is a massively multiplayer online function play (MMORPG) created as well as published by Ankara after that by its subsidiary Ankara Games from its creation in 2004. Task begun by Emmanuel Arras, Camille Chaser and Anthony Roux, his very first version — which only offered gamer against player — was entitled Arty Slot: Battle as well as was the 4th piece of the Arty Slot collection. Needle String Developers boost the game, to get to a beta-test stage and change the name of the video game in Doffs. After a few months, Doffs launched on September 1, 2004, in France. A variation 2.0 appears in 2009, with brand-new graphics. It is the leader of a universe developed by Ankara, the Erosion, in which place Wake happens, his extension leave in 2012, a busy series name, a movie called Doffs, book 1: Judith, along with several comics, animations as well as video clip games. After its lasting success in the late 2000s as well as early 2010, Doffs sheds magnitude. The group consequently chooses to merge some of its web servers to gather the community. The video game population has considering that been stable, on an expanding incline with lots of tops representing the big occasions or outcomes of updates. In enhancement to its computer variation for Mac, Linux and also Windows, Ankara has launched a mobile variation in 2016 entitled Doffs Touch. Based on an earlier variation of the video game, Portage has because diverged deeply at its updates, also if much of the content is shared. To commemorate the 15 years of the video game, Doffs Retro is launched on version 1.29 of the game on September 24, 2019. Retro web servers have actually since maintained, with some ergonomic updates. On Wednesday, September 30, 2020, to commemorate the very first wedding anniversary of retro doffs web servers, new web servers particularly monocounts are open. This opening had been revealed a month before at the exact same time as the arrival of content provided at the time but canceled given that on retro Doffs web servers.

After a large LAN Doffs at the end of November, the two co-managers of SMI, Shaw and MID, come back to the event and news of MTA. Whether you are a player PVP or not, discover their answers to the questions of the editor!

DOFFS MTA: Complete Interview of Shaw and Mid after LAN

This article is a tie-in for our folder around the Esport Doffs and MTA in 2021. It brings together the information given by MID and Shaw. We advise it instead to warned readers. In any case, a summary is brought here.


MTA is founded in 2018 Mid and Shaw are the co-managers of SMI, structure managing the MTA. Ankara is a partner of SMI, but does not handle the MTA. The MTA offers PVP tournaments and leagues for DOFFS regularly. The last big event proposed was a NOTATION LAN as well as the final of the Doffs Masters, a very high-level competition conclusion of the current PVP season.


Doffs MTA: Complete Interview of Shaw and Mid after LAN


I. Presentations

II. A LAN is a big event to prepare. Have you ever had desires about possible meetings between players in previous years?

III. Does the health situation during the year 2021 impacted, especially in the management of the event?

Iv. With the Krosmonote 2021 the day before, were you afraid when installing the date that the two events overlap?

V. Finally, what was the big stress before LAN? Share you a possible cancellation or a major last minute problem?

VI. The LAN proposed not only the final of the Masters Doffs, but also the notation. Was it already planned in cartons or an alliance finally unexpected?

VII. This LAN was obviously in partnership with Ankara, but also with Nov Campus and the e-spot How did these collaborative ideas come from?

VIII. The event was also a great implementation of the success of the MTA structure in itself. In 2018, did you think the adventure would take you 3 years later here?

IX. You have already specified work without specific goal for not brushing yourself, but is there something, at least on your side, that you would like to do?

X. For LAN, MTA and Doffs Masters, are you satisfied with the proposed formats? Just after the event, what are your first axes of improvement?

XI. With the casters and your artistic direction, one feels the desire to build a PVP world of MTA with its own codes: In your opinion, is it already accomplished or are there still things to do?

XII. We have seen Mid in particular, but there was also a huge work upstream. How did the work distribution?

XIII. During the day, how did it happen? Were you confident despite technical worries?

XIV. With the return of the gulletminator for retro temporal, are there always projects from the point of view of this version or work is still mainly on Doffs 2?

XVI. The portage under Unity will bring a lot of new possibilities. What would you like to see on the game that can not be there right now? How could this version help the development of MTA?

XVII. How do you want to evolve MTA in 2022? Do you already have an idea of ​​what the competition will be?

XVIII. What do you think about the development of Esport on the game Doffs?

XIX. Thanks

i. Presentations

To resume from the beginning, I started the game in 2007. I made PVP over my adventure on Doffs, since perhaps 2012. First as a player, then organizer in particular on the Rye server -Errol with the survivors. I have been in contact with Rowena with whom I co-organized the tournament of the Nations in 2017. It was my first big event co-organized and in partnership with Ankara. During the same period, Mid had the idea of ​​MTA. If Rowena was not available to participate, he recommended me and then arrived alongside Mid in early 2018 to start the structure. We thus launched the box together, with some other players. Today, we are the 2 co-managers of the project, in its debut an association and now the company SMI, in close links with Ankara for the Esport Doffs aspect.

This question is increasingly difficult over time! I am Mid, co-manager of SMI, taking care of the MTA (Erosion Tournament Arena), KSA (Erosion Stars Arena) and MTV (Krosmoztv). It has been several years since I participate, first as an associative volunteer only for MTA, then via the company SMI. For Doffs, I have been a player for 17 years. Even after all this time, I always have the game in passion!

II. A LAN is a big event to prepare. Have you ever had anywhere on possible meetings between players in previous years?

We have the idea seriously for a very long time. I would say that we dreamed about the beginnings. We started to heat up from the first months of 2020, during the season 4 of the MTA. We would have liked ending her by a LAN... until the first confinement announcement, when all the COVID-19 fell to us. Everything was then abandoned, at least for this year. In 2021, to evolve the MTA, the idea of ​​the LAN became an objective, especially since the health situation seemed to be improving. We had to do one this year. It took time, objectively too early to really get started. But at the beginning of June, things have accelerated by seeking new partners, a room, a board, relationships, etc. This summer, especially in July-August, everything was decided, with a project released fully at the end of August.

A LAN is something that has been important to us since 2018-2019. At the base, in parallel MTA, there were already the Doffs World Series, so we did not necessarily do that as an inurnment. However, we always wanted to make small doffs tournaments in LAN. During this period, there was the fashion of the Meltdown (Bars Gaming), with Kurosawa for example. It was finally quite complicated to set up, with many items not holding our spring or that of those who manage that at Ankara (Kills, responsible for the ES POR project). With the end of the DNS in 2019, we felt that a lack of land would be felt. The Doffs Cup was not going to take place in a presidential outside the Cast. There was no more opportunity to see each other outside the conventions. The last Ankara meeting was the Japan Expo 2019, without PVP gathering. In 2020, the idea was there but because of an unforeseen event and fairly serious [AKA coronavirus], it could not materialize. In any case, it was far too early. This would not have been possible [from a point of view of SMI] and it would have more silence than anything else. Thus, waiting 2021 allowed the time to MTA and SMI to grow. We then saw that we had the potential means to get there. We just said Let's Go. There is always this idea on our side of Professionalize Esport. We were not waiting for the LAN so early, but it was a dream of kids to be able to organize an event of this type. Shaw and I are of the comma. We are not Ankara, and we do not represent something official. This is not an amateur tournament since we stay professional, but it is not purely managed internally. There was the CDO 2 (oppressed cup), but it's all outside the conventions. At this moment, it was already a Banger, and we tried to take up the challenge in our turn.

III. Does the health situation during the year 2021 impacted, especially in the management of the event?

In reality, not so much. The situation did not particularly affect us. There were some fears necessarily especially in early November with the return of discussions about restrictions. We were just hoped not to take a setback on the organization. Since other events took place and the partner teams were used to, conforming to the new conditions, it was almost transparent. Obviously, it's not optimal enough to have the mask and the sanitary pass. Overall, we were pretty serene.

The 2020 sequela were present in 2021. From the moment the government may make a simple decision Cancel all over quarter and completely annihilate IRL organizations, we could not prepare definitive approaches too early. It's quite scary at the level of trust. It is obliged to engage, to have some safety. If the event is not in the planning of everyone in the months in advance, there may be actors who change from one day to the next. A week and a half before the LAN, we did not know who would be present. 1 month and a half before, we did not know what was the first part of the event.

IV. With krosmonote 2021 the day before, were you afraid when installing the two events overlapping?

It was a pure chance. The date of the LAN was decided before that of krosmonote is public. We really wanted to do this a weekend even if it's more expensive. The first final of the DNS took place on a Friday, and it was very limiting. A Saturday was ideal, no real fear that an Ankara event comes on the same day. On the other hand, we could fear another big appointment in the middle of streaming, like Event for example. We do not have a master's degree on it and in any case, we did everything to work as if nothing was done in parallel, which was the case.

It was a pretty big shot. I think they took into account the MTA calendar, provided in advance and knew very early that this weekend would be taken. On the other hand, we did not have a precise solution on Saturday or Sunday. If Ankara had taken on Saturday 27 thinking that the LAN would take place on Sunday 28, everything would have capped.

v. Finally, what was the great stress of before LAN? Did you fear a possible cancellation or a major last minute problem?

There was no major big problem, since everything could be solved. In the morning, no one could access Doffs. It's hard to think of everything that can change in LAN. We must also bring all the casters and players. For these, we only knew them for a week, it was very short to organize transport. Other questions also appear: Are the casters who assure at home will also succeed in an audience? Will presenters convince? And it is without counting on the technical constraints of the Stream and the Regime that are infinitely more complex than a preparation under OBS. In any case for me, we had full of factors to manage and not necessarily a point that worried us. We had to forget nothing so that everything goes well. Especially since the month of November was very busy. The time spent on LAN was reduced, and we had to be effective. The most stressful was mainly to juggle all the elements.

I think once one happened 1 or 2 months before the LAN, and we started communications on it, we were almost sure that it was too unlikely to have a real confinement. We had a small fear with the rise of curves and a possible 5th wave, but given the spread of the vaccine, in the worst case, there would be a restriction of the number of people. The number of places and rooms could have been adapted without completely canceling.

VI. The LAN proposed not only the final of the Masters Doffs, but also the notation. Was it already planned in cartons or an alliance finally unforeseen?

We have always sold a LAN Doffs 2021, never doffs masters. The goal was an event for most of the Doffs Game. It should not just talk to those who follow the MTA. We wanted to open with something else, proposed by other influencers, to bring together a maximum. We then had the idea of ​​joining Nevada for his Notation. In addition, his format had a very good concept by assembling different team leaders for the Stream and the players in the room. It was really our will and since it worked well, if in the future we redo a LAN, an event duo in this style would be expected.

2 months before, we did not know what was going to be the first part. However, we did not only want to make a LAN for the masters, it would be a shame. We had lots of players, moved for the occasion, without really leading to something. For example, it was first positioned on a Tarzan Cup without it possible. We questioned what could fill these 2-3 hours without being boring and the idea of ​​the notation was put on the table. Nevada remains very influential in the community and its organization can be adapted at will according to the available hour slot, with a malleable concept. In addition, we could get close to the community, PVM with Streamers and PVP. The group formed I believe in September, and it was from there that it was announced to him. Finally, he was hot gig. At the whole basic, we even wanted to hold a third part, with a KSA more to the tear of distancing impossible trials after the final. Fortunately, we did not do it because it would have been a disaster.

VII. This LAN was obviously in partnership with Ankara, but also with Nov Campus and the e-spot How did these collaborative ideas come from?

With Ankara, it's pretty natural. They support us from the beginning and more and more. They have a major share in everything that MTA can put in place. For the e-spot, it decided around quotation. The discussions went well. The place corresponded to our expectations and was adapted to what we wanted, so it was quite fast. For Nov Campus, it was the most complicated part of the organization. Events like LAN's, very expensive and not necessarily profitable on the very moment, need sponsorship. SMI sent a lot of requests, not always with associated response. However, we could find Nov, whom we thank tremendously for their trust. The vision that the public can have about sponsors is a little pity. The LAN has had good returns, but it requires a lot of ways and a contribution is needed to put it in place. It is not something weird, on the contrary, and it is quite normal to give them visibility to thank them for their investment. That's how the world of esport works.

First for the spot, I could not notice at the end of the live a person who I suppose was not specifically known, Zeros. In fact, it's a bit the interference, the guy of the shadow that made good relationships work. He presented us the plan of the room, and it was with him that we came to organize everything towards the spot. Side Nov Campus, we searched since the beginning of the year a sponsoring for the LAN and the season. If it has not been too conclusive, we finally had a contact that put us in touch with the structure. This one wanted to invest in more young people activities, including Esport. Thread on a needle, the discussions were held, and the event found his sponsor.

VIII. The event was also a great implementation of the success of the MTA structure in itself. In 2018, you thought the adventure would take you 3 years later here?

It's hard to say. We try not to set specific dates. We advance as and when doing more and better. Honestly, when we launched the MTA, we would ever have thought of living behind in the form of a company as close to Ankara. It's not at all that we had at the beginning. In the long term, it would have been possible but without being able to set deadlines. In my opinion, there is also LAN and LAN. What we could propose Saturday was clearly very qualitative with many means in terms of room or technique. We did not think about doing something so big. For a first, the bar was high. Did we see it too quickly 3 years ago? Maybe not. A LAN, yes. In the proposed format, not at all.

In 2018, without LAN, we did not think they have so many participants for MTA tournaments. So for the LAN in itself, absolutely never. Sincerely, we thought about that kind of results in 2024-2025. I say that, but they are a few numbers come out of my hat, since we never really quantify all that. We are delighted.

IX. You have already specified work without specific goal for not brushing yourself, but is there anything, at least on your side, what would you like to do?

It's a personal working question. [Have specific goals] This is not something that matches us. We prefer to browse day-to-day with a guideline, without saying in 1 year, we have to have done that or Streams need to 3000 viewers. We try to do best as possible while evolving public level, Cash prize, technique, etc. The real goal is to always be on an upward slope.

We are always in this position. We do not want to work for a goal, but our desires. It also has its disadvantages. Indeed, since one is not under constant pressure, there is not really something that I would particularly like to do. I finally start taking what I do like a real job. There is less the passion side with the I want to do it because I want to do it, outside the production side and stream. I take this part much less like something pro, unlike the organization of tournaments and MTA in general. It's an aspect that really makes me want without I pushed to do it.

x. For LAN, MTA and Doffs Masters, are you satisfied with the proposed formats? Just after the event, what are your first axes of improvement?

As for the MTA season, there are already improvements that will be offered for next year. We have tracks from our feelings and those of the players. For the masters, the global format is very effective. It is more or less the same as the lol Worlds with 4 hens of 4 and quarter-finals until the end. The only thing that sits me is the presence of the BO3. This is not just a change to make BO5 by the organization of the weekend matches. It would be necessary to have very long tournaments, to impose to the players to fight at 18h on weekdays. Final side, we are satisfied for a first edition. We already know what to see again, especially thanks to the returns of the spectators. I can name the fact that we did not see the players enough, of which we did not have the on-site impression. The end was also a bit sloppy without exchange with the players or arrival of Poliabyss. We regret so much this seems obvious but in all the workings to manage, it drowned in the middle of the rest. Now that we are aware of these defects, the next step will correct everything.

For the Masters Doffs, I do not have a cold response yet. Hot, I have a small regret on the format of the chickens. It would work enormously on pro teams, who would gain a pendulum whatever happens. If we had €100,000 from Cash prize, we would have the opportunity to do everything properly. We had the case of doctrine who has package. We can not blame them. It's not cool for anyone, but basically they give up or lose all matches, the challenge would be the same. We will try to solve this problem at best next year, but solutions can not be guaranteed. We are in one between two a little strange where we have enough means to give economic interest to the tournaments and not enough to be viable. For the LAN in general, there are lots of things that are regretted and are to be improved. There have been the reproaches on the lack of highlighting players or the lack of interview at the end, including Poliabyss. It was not really our will, but we had built the thing as well. It was our first, and it was necessary to do in stages. We did not master any points. For example, stream visuals were built according to our software (OBS), depending on what you knew about Semi-Pro / Pro software, but not what there was actually in the controller. Thus, there were some incompatibilities with the tools used at the spot. This set of unknowns would have been even bigger by wanting to target higher, while dividing our attention already focused on other factors. So we targeted less, while ensuring that the fewer works entirely. In any case, we now know our points of improvement and what is controlled. If we have next time we will have new horizons to explore!

XI. With the casters and your artistic direction, one feels the desire to build a MTA PVP universe with its own codes: In your opinion, is it already accomplished or are there still things to do?

I think we are still far enough away from what we would like to put in place. The nerve of the war remains the hearing because it wins figures and indirectly money. It's purely independent of our passion or what you want for e-sport. If what we propose does not bring anything in terms of public, it is impossible to invest full time and to remunerate. This is a point to improve. For the cast, we have an absolutely incredible team, and we are proud of people working with us. We must continue in this direction, updating our streams and how we follow a game on Doffs. It is always very complex, but add dynamism is necessary. Not necessarily in the cast in itself, but in the stream so that the whole is interesting even for non-initiates. On the other hand, we do not think it's still in the place of the World Series Doffs in the minds of players, 3 years earlier. It starts to look like, and we are happy that when the doffs tournament appearance is addressed, the MTA is associated. We are not yet doing 3000 viewers at every game party, that's some. However, we tend to this goal without admitting it.

It's still under construction. MTA in general does not have an artistic direction. We have the krosmoz-spatial side-blue-cyan side since season 1. However, it's a Erosion universe rather than KNAPP. With the Masters, the overlay-loaded artists have been busy trying to withdraw from that, with a more mature universe and Esport. We are still in the beginning, and we will move towards new improvements.

XII. We have seen Mid in particular, but there was also a huge work upstream. How did the work distribution?

We have pretty distinct roles. There is a lot of internal tambourine, but this is also noticing on the streams with MILL at the board. For the month of November, I took the CD of the Direct Organization (Doffs Masters, Temporal, Forecast Season 6) While Mid loaded with the LAN. For the whole technical side, the setting up the day before, it's much more he who managed, 100%. It was therefore logical that it is on stage to the presentations. As often, I was on my side on my PC to watch that everything goes well in play (possible pause of matches) and to make communication. I was also present the day before, at Krosmonote, to chat with Ankara and follow the ads around Doffs. Everyone had a different experience. If I have been very popular at the camera, it is not very important as long as the quality of the event is at the rendezvous. MTA is not Shaw and Mid, that's what is proposed.

To redo the roles, at least on the LAN, Shaw dealt with logistics and communication while I managed production. I assured myself that all the installation goes well, the passage of guidelines, teams, sharing with the spot and partners, etc. We are in a situation where we trust each other, and we do not constantly check what the other does.

XIII. During the day, how did it happen? Were you confident despite technical worries?

[CUBOCAST - EP.3] SHAX - KTA On the day I was serene. Mid had managed everything and my organization part was filled. I had been responsible for transporting players and casters. Once the whole thing done, I logically had no problems to meet unlike the unforeseen events that Mid could have on his side. When there was the problem of connection to Doffs, while it was a LAN Doffs, it was quite annoying. We did not really have a visualization of the resolution duration or even if the players could connect on the 27. At that time, it was not stress, but rather despair. Only Logan was able to take care of it with the onset team, saving us once again. We could only observe. Once this event has been France, the day has been tiring, but I have been able to enjoy a personal point of view.

Confident yes but not totally. The decision for example to present alongside Photo has taken the day before. It only owed to the base there on the tray but along the facilities, the duo formed. It must have felt during the live, since we left each one on our side in the dialogues. In truth, we managed to bounce since we know each other well, but it was a little strange, at least from my point of view. The first stage on stage was more stressful and I did not feel ready. However, with the inertia given in particular by the discussions with the public during the pre-show, the guidelines and the aspect I am the organizer, I was more accomplished with the faces in front rather than as perfect strangers. For the day itself, I arrived at the spot at 9am and until 13h, everything accelerated. I did not have time to stress, so I had things to go right and left with the teams. It is only with the IP problem that I barely realized that the event was launched. I had to see with the snack, with Logan, with the Regime, with the Spot team, security, etc. We could not do everything, but the bottom line was there. For example, in the big bottom screen, there should be the logos of the teams with the score. We finally prioritized the good placement of the pseudos and the display of the stream. We had to pay attention to alcohol and apparently Feral slipped between our fingers. At 12:30, with everyone installed, I asked myself with the realization that everything started without back wind, and I continued. Even on seeing Logan on the IP page of the spot contacting the penalty, I did not have time to stress because it was necessary to move forward.

XIV. With the return of the Gouttarminator for Retro temporal, are there always projects from the point of view of this version or work is still mainly on Doffs 2?

No, today the project is mainly on Doffs 2. The Gouttarminator is more one-shot (unorganized by SMI) unlike the MTA which is regular content. On other games, nothing is planned. Of course, we are obliged to project on a possibility Wave by the future. However, it's still too far to really imagine.

It's complex. It is mainly 2 to manage the MTA and if we wanted to begin to diversify permanently including Retro, it would be divided into less well. Occasionally, it is quite possible. Definitely should be a third person to be discharged without it being specifically dedicated to it. It is not our goal now to have someone to a game, or less that is of SMI to care for Retro. This is not sustainable in the long term. We would rather a separation of roles such as communication, for example. However, there is a desire to extend (on Retro, Wave, Touch...) but the goal is to perpetuate the box.

XVI. The portage under Unity will bring a lot of new possibilities. What would you like to see on the game that can not be there right now? How this release could help the development of the MTA?

Doffs 2 Unity will be a real breath of fresh air for the game. For me, I think we need to improve to the maximum the MTA until the arrival of Unity and after, it's jackpot. There will be a new hype on Doffs, I'm sure. For the MTA, drive side, especially for games, will help a lot. We will have a more fluid content and so look better. We can also expect a revision of the customer. I think for example of a reworked interface viewer, more pleasant and complete. There are many things that one expects from Unity and the impact will be real. Was looking forward to it, even if it's not there yet [2 Doffs Unity will arrive in 2023].

A true spectator mode, simply. Maybe not as detailed as the Live Grafts, but at least have a good follow-up match. The cat in the state is only a print (display) Direct combat logs. This would avoid having to develop third party solutions from our side to keep the place, readable, match.

XVII. How do you want to evolve MTA in 2022? Have you an idea of ​​what will be the competition?

It is overwhelmingly decided even if we are still in the thick of it in December. We would put it earlier, but our time was limited. As for the participants, there will be relatively substantial developments announced early next year. The Universe of the MTA and the broadcast side will also be in focus.

I think already that we will continue on the league format. One problem we had met with successive tournaments were repeatability, since the background is not so different from one organization to another. With leagues, championships are unique with clear goals constantly, regardless of the rank in the short and long term.

XVIII. What do you think of the development of the game Doffs Esport?

The Esport Doffs is based on the MTA. The latter took a place which was not provided for its creation. It was in 2018 complements the DNS and now in 2021, it replaced them. There was a very complicated transition between the end of the championships and what is proposed. It was not prepared and on the job, with a primitive organization on our part. It was a flashback, especially comparing to what you can put up with our current means. In any case, I am proud of what has been done over the years. You can really see no more performed at each balance sheet end of the season. I watched as the number registered for leagues in 2020. I thought that 2021 would be similar, so we almost doubled to participating teams. It was a rapid evolution, which also feels the hearings and in terms of players approaching the MTA. Influencers are also beginning to be interested in our project PVP with MAPEH and Hub. Above all, there was also the recruitment of a team by Solar Doffs. It's crazy even for a secondary team means a lot to them and at the size of the structure. In terms of popularity and visibility, it is clearly in the TOP 3 French. We would love to move in this direction with new external investors for Esport Doffs and make them want to integrate the universe through recruitment or sponsorship. We are in a key period, with a nice proposal via the LAN and cash prizes very honest (€40,000 in 2021). This is starting to pay with Solar and Nov and this must continue. It is even a necessity. We are confident, but a huge job is requested. The Esport Doffs can be even more successful a few times so that we arrive at something pro or semi-pro. It would be a great victory.

I think it's the first year I can say that I am both confident and happy with the esport on Doffs. Until 2020, our reflection, shared by the players, on the position of Ankara was very approximate. We saw that they wanted to pass the hot potato to someone by delegating the responsibilities, for having only one stamp to provide. It was in any case a feeling, not necessarily justified, that we had. In 2021, things have changed. We had a more dialogue, with more time available. In addition to SMI, many communication aspects have been initiated this year, with influencers or krosmonote in particular. We feel a lot more a willingness to do than it works, rather than it exists. It is still early to take back, but one is positive about the evolution of competitive PVP on Doffs.

XIX. Thanks

There is always one billion, but I think people are aware of what they could bring us. Without this help, MTA did not get there. The goal will not be to list them all. In any case, I can thank everyone helping us every day with Mid. We are always designated as the structure because it's our job. However, other participants spend hours and hours, making it possible to make it possible.

I always thank the Ankara community and all those acting for the MTA to work. They are always thoroughly and super hot to follow us. Shaw and I are two kids with a little beast project, crazy enough to hold it, and it's finally ultra immature on our part to do what we do. On paper, it is not viable on the long term at all. We are thoroughly while the silver allocated is limited. At any time, everything can be cut without getting nothing. But in the end, we have plenty of people who support us on a daily basis, and it is thanks to them that SMI can continue.


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