Internal compensation: AS Monaco dismisses Niko Kovac

After French sports information, French media reports, which reported the release at the early Thursday night, applicable: Nike Kovacs is no longer coaches of AS Monaco.

As the French sports direction L'Equip reported, Kovacs was informed of the responsible persons in the evening that the responsibility for the team was deprived. Kovacs has immediately informed his consultants, had been affected, but not very surprised by the decision. The news agency AFP also reports on the negotiation of the coach. An official confirmation of the release is still out.

Kovacs had started the Office in the Principality in the summer of 2020 and after smaller starting difficulties a furious series in the second round with the meantime seven wins in series laid and Monaco is still led to table space three. In the current season, however, it happened at the beginning. The AS Alexander Nobel and Kevin fully missed the qualification for the Champions League, won only one of the first six games in the league.

Finance between trainer and board

From a sporting point of view, the time of dismissal surprises yet, Monaco had recently been clearly consolidated and three of the last four league games won before the winter break — with a defeat at leader Paris St. German. Monaco won a surprisingly against Totem State Rennes and pushed themselves on table spot six — not enough to convince the responsible persons of a detention.

The reasons for discharge are apparently not on the court. After French sports information, it has come to a compensation between coach and board in recent months. For some personnel decisions in the summer, there had been discrepancies who swelled in the following years and now led to the dismissal of the Croat.

Tape torn to the team?

According to the L'Equip, consultations on a replacement of the coach had taken place in the leadership bodies of the Mongols has already taken place in recent weeks. The responsible persons, with which Kovacs apparently was no longer on a line for a long time, were therefore concluded that the Croat has lost the confidence of his players. The band to the team is torn in the opinion of the decision makers, the report says.

Among other things, the former coach of Eintracht Frankfurt and Bavaria Munich a quasi-military leadership style accused, with which the many young players in the squad of the Mongols are not clear. Too often, he fell into screaming in training sessions and meetings and to tower the team.

March is considered succession candidate

Kovac & Ben Yedder ahead of the Coupe de France final against PSG | AS Monaco vs Paris Saint Germain The favorite on Kovacs's succession is according to L'Equip Philippe Clement of FC Bruges. On the list of potential new coaches, the newspaper stands according to the last Jesse March, which was most recently dismissed in Leipzig, the Monaco's sport director Paul Mitchell still knows from shared RB times.


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