Naver - Cacao, this year, this year, grows up...

Following last year it showed a remarkable growth this year, Never and Cacao is remarkably observed the status of national representative of Internet companies.

It only ever jikyeotji up to consolidate the results of non-face-to-face service name strong position, Shining like a smile was not clear. Internally, there was a personnel issue, and also the fatigue alga to strengthen regulation of the politicians and the government. This year saw sum up what happened on Never and cacao.

Never was reborn as a global company

Never has recorded a steady growth in the first quarter of this year to the third quarter. The results thank to the robustness and commerce, content and even the pin-tech all areas of growth, such as search ads.

Out there in the global results. Can be two-digit YOY based on a novel such as Real Madrid and web content showing sales growth, the met averse platform hereto is another growth gotta have one of the engines.

Never has active collaboration with this year, especially logistics and content companies. This is because the target in a situation to compete with global companies chiyeolhaejin hagetdaneun expand appearance in distribution and logistics sectors hand in hand with domestic companies.

Last October, Never started the Korea Express and CJ will collaborate on this year launched the Never July Fulfillment Alliance (NFL) and strives to strengthen the competitiveness of the logistics Never Smart Store sellers. Never from that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) technology in order to predict and expedite logistics operations being also to speed.

In March this year signed a strategic alliance for the New World Group and the online distribution business has also come forward to the e-commerce market expansion around the fresh food. There currently shopping Never gotta Mart is IEOM can easily order the products.

Global expansion is also actively underway. First, in the past 1 March Never line and Z Holdings management integration Japan's largest big-Tech Holdings A company is launched. Plans to line and Yahoo Japan have combined the AI ​​and Big curator, portals, e-commerce and business integration, expanding the area to Southeast Asia and European markets. In addition, it launched the Smart Store in Japan was a full-fledged global commerce sector expansion. Still being beta tested, the model introduced in Japan with smart store success in Korea in line with a strategy that you want to kkeulyeo the Japanese small singsonging.

Acquisition of novel Canada web platform Was pad and grown in North America and youngmigwon maximum content platform nagged goal was also clear. May this year Nakamoto Never Real Madrid to build a model in conjunction with a pad argument started after the completion of Was Super IP dig. In Japan, Never Line Digital Frontier grandchildren Company announced that it acquired the Japanese e-book firm Initiative north of Japan. This allows the goal to become a Japanese manga online first such platform.

positives were many affiliates... the cacao IPO proceeds even after another

Cacao has also grown significantly in the last year. Once cacao received attention in the market as to exceed the market value of Never. There is Aka Talk's advertising business, including business out of stable revenues, it was prominent in the content and pin-tech sector. 3Q11 was also a jump in first-quarter sales by Never.

In April, the lower the investment burdens minority shareholders through a stock split (the number of cacao shareholders a total of 200 million) was also tortoni view the effect of the influx. Cacao subsidiary Pei was traded in July, staying in the market capitalization 15th place with cacao bank.

Cacao continued to work in another consistent year to split the company. In March, it launched its merger Cacao entertainment pages and cacao M. After the cacao enterprise was born a melon sprayed Company completed the merger and doteum are trying to integrate into a global company centered stories and music, and media.

Investments and acquisitions were also active. Was somewhat weak and strengthen e-commerce sectors, except to present the acquisition of a zigzag fashion platform, the platform has also acquired the Real Madrid tapas and a novel Web platform radish in order to dominate in the international content market. As well as the North American Declaration to enter the European market and plans to expand the market.

Recently secured a stake in investing in healthcare big data company, 20% of the human landscape to enter the digital healthcare business.

Halyard Chairman of Kim Bum Sew was lasts! Kim made the pledge earlier this year that reduced more than half of the property. Koreans are promoting a stand on whether the name Giving more player for the second time. He has also said he would strengthen the ESG-oriented management, such as the new ESG Committee established a Corporate Governance Charter this year.

Never has grown big enough pain-regulating ankle still cacao...

Growth is also great as the pain. First, Never is subjected to extreme selection as a staff workplace bullying in May sacked employees. Never has continued since then make it a priority to improve organizational culture by the end of the year, to form a new organizational structure was balhigido management reform plan. Hanseongsuk representatives had decided to withdraw the end of March next year without filling all her tenure, was born in the internal affairs of her 81 choesuyeon global business leaders to support responsible new representation. Choesuyeon responsible leaders are expected to discuss a personnel reform and the future global management transition plan at Never TF.

In a parliamentary audit I was criticized by my April problems at work and cooperation issues and small business owners. Hanseongsuk Never representatives She's attending a parliamentary Environment and Labor Committee, National Audit witnesses she would also be associated with apple bullying incidents at Never and efforts to prevent a recurrence.

Never founder Tianjin global investment officer GO is yet more emphasis would try to work with small business owners, the National Assembly was also promised a beloved company with asking earnestly Order doegetdago for fair competition in the global platform.

Cacao is also just as Never changed the head to lead the cacao from March next year. Cacao joined the Taipei Representative ryuyoungjun cacao representative to lead the cacao with yeoman be represented.

Meanwhile, cocoa which has been criticized as an infringement of commercial alleys and octopus type expansion had to explain several times to attend to witness gukgamjang. Kim Bum Sew Chairman announced plans to gather representatives affiliated with cacao provided inside the small business and win-win.

Foreign luxury car sales soar  66% this year/ Kakao and Naver under scrutiny

Regulatory body aches are still in progress. Fair Trade, an online platform that processes speech and jeongjojun the Never and Cacao Committee, an online platform users laws is pushing legislation gotta have a heart KCC.

This measure should in the main point of information, such as mandating a standard contract between the platform and the IEOM companies to prohibit abuse of dominant position of the platform operators. However, it noted that under the regulations prior to the excessive number of domestic companies is difficult, but currently the process is pending.


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