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The developers of New World have once again officially speaking in the New World Forum and have been discussed in the third edition of the developer blog on several topics and questions that occurred in the community over the past few weeks. It turned, among other things, the stability of the servers, communication in penalties or also the attitude to add-ons, the ongoing PTR and how the decoration points of the houses actually work.

We have briefly summarized the main points of the comprehensive blog post for you. If you want to read the detailed opinion in your entirety, you can do that in the official forum of New World.

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With the latest update, server stability should have improved dramatically. However, the clinical gains interact badly with status effects, which costs the servers a lot of work and leads to massive lags. The developers have already found a solution that needs to be tested internally before they come to the live servers. Amazon wants to improve communication with account penalties. On the one hand with a support article in which the individual categories of the penalties are better explained. On the other hand, but also with a revision of the in game notifications. The players should understand better which behaviors violate the principles of New World. In addition, some internal processes are redesigned so that it no longer comes to inconsistent punishments.

The PTR and the associated player feedback is an important tool for the developers and should be maintained. Not every feedback can be implemented immediately, such as smaller balancing things. However, these are observed by the developers and adapted if necessary. The list of undocumented changes was too long. The developers apologize for this and named the cleavage of the release version shortly before the publication as a reason why many of the smaller changes were overlooked. In addition, the developers have published an official list of unsupported changes in the blog post. High-stage items from the craft should mostly be used by all players. The developers like it, however, that some singles are reserved for the respective craftsmen. The use of add-ons is in principle allowed, as long as this only represents default information displayed by default or otherwise. The developers are looking for a way to easily and safely publish data on the use of add-ons. The reports regarding Gold Hecklers in New World have fallen by 70 percent. The first measures thus show effect. However, the developers remain on the ball and expand the actions against bots and the like weekly.

NEW UPDATES to the patch 1.2 & beyond - CRAFTING is GOOD AGAIN! (New World PTR) The developers clearly turned out how exactly the home points work and that this is a mixture of the decoration points and the local period deserved in the younger past in the area of ​​the house. The developers apologize for the embarrassing mistake, which has taken the gardener harvesting equipment from the game. The developers still work to compensate all players and provide them with a complete set. Players who have lost their homes or feeling items within the framework of October 28th should visit the respective settlement to get either the house or at least the cost of the house.

In the end again the hint. The whole and very extensive blog post of the New World developers can be found in the official forum.

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