PlayStation dismisses a senior vice president of the company after an accusation of pedophilia

Lately, very serious cases related to the video game industry are coming out. The most sound of this 2021 has undoubtedly been controversy around Activision Blizzard, which has come directly to affect its president and who is harming the performance of the company in Stock Exchange, which has been collapsed after The most recent information.

As we have been able to know thanks to CNET, which has echoed the news, PlayStation has fired George Cacioppo after an accusation of pedophilia. Until then Senior Vice President at Sony Interactive Entertainment has been forced to leave the position he occupied, related to work at PlayStation Network.

The incrimination comes from a People V video. Press, a group that is dedicated to trying to uncover pedophiles. According to him, Cacishoppo would have tried allegedly having relationships with a decoy that had been passing through a 15-year-old child in Grind, a social app for quotes addressed to homosexual, bisexual and trans people.

He exchanged photos and gave him the decoy the direction of him is alleged that the executive exchanged photos and gave the decoy the direction of him with the direct intention of having sex. In fact, in the video you can see how he appears with a PS5 shirt when cite for a false encounter. We are aware of the situation and the employee in question has been dismissed, Sony's own Sony has confirmed in a statement issued on Sunday.

Joint Legislative Public Hearing on Executive Budget Proposal: Health/Medicaid - 01/29/20

Unfortunately, is not the only negative news surrounding the brand. A few days ago we also met that PlayStation faces a demand for gender discrimination. It was presented by an ancient company security analyst, claiming discrimination in compensation and promotion regarding the rest of male companions.


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