Star Wars: Hunters launches trailer, and promises a free game for switch and mobiles loaded with combat

The Star Wars universe is expanding, and we are not referring only to the series and films prepared from Lucasfilm, but also to video games, with bets as varied and diverse as this Star Wars: Hunters introduced a few months ago for Nintendo Switch and mobile which has now left us a first gameplay trailer for their free-to-play bet thrilling multiplayer battles.

Zynga guarantees battles Star Wars action-packed and visually spectacular In just two minutes of video, Zynga seeks to offer a selection of some arenas of competition and various equipment hunters (Hunters) fighting for glory in the sports complex Vespiary. Thus, viewers can discover a sample of the fighting style of the characters in Liza: Raise and J-3DI displaying his skill wielding the lightsaber; Sentinel Main and demonstrating his marksmanship with blaster; Mara Vex showing the array as it got jacket; the brute force of Grosz ; the technology used by Slingshot and ingenious weapons manufactured by Toni.

The eight characters will be available for launch in Star Wars: Hunters once you get into Nintendo Switch and devices iOS and Android this coming year. Google in mobile, however, is already being tested in several international markets.

Star Wars: Hunters sets his action after the fall of the Empire, with a proposal where two teams of four have to face in iconic locations of the universe imagined by George Lucas more than 40 years. Players will compete as a bounty hunter, heroes of rebellion or even famous people of the Empire fallen, in an action game that immerses players in combat Star Wars action-packed and visually spectacular.

Star Wars: Hunters - Enter the Arena | Gameplay Trailer

There also launched an action game open world of the creators of The Division, as well as a highly anticipated remake of MOTOR for PC and PS5.


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