Steam Recommended Rogue Looking in 7 elections for 2021 [New Year Special Feature]

It is early 2021 and the end is approaching this time. The release of various 2022 new titles who have been waiting for the first 2022 new title is not a long-awaiting thing about this year's round this year? The STEAM library was organized using the recent activities function, and when it was looking at what title you played in any month, I realized that Dog Like works were playing relatively many. Therefore, in this article, we will introduce the recommended Rogue Like Title 7, which was elected from being playing with Steam in 2021!

First, we will explain the scope of Homelike handled by this item. If you want to read from the introduction, you don't care if you want to read from the introduction.

Log Like is one of the vague genres of the standard, where the player is greatly different depending on the player. While there is a way to distinguish as Rogue Light that has become a word Rogue of Rogue, while there is an idea of ​​distinguishing as rogue lights, there are some random elements exist for each play, and if the game is over, it will be other than the handover element There is also the idea of ​​ Rogue Like all the games where the progress is lost, and the so-called Palaces is adopted.

Personally, it is an idea of ​​the latter, but this main purpose is not a discussion about Homelike standard. Therefore, in this item, we will judge the genre with Logelike that can be confirmed on the Steam store page. Although it is an aside, Steam has a traditional rogue as a tag that combines a work with a Rogue system. By using such tags, it may be easier to find the work of the system you want to play even among the Log Like genre that is still expanding.

Well, the preposition has become long, but I would like to move to the introduction of recommended Rogue Like titles from here. Please note that the launch is already old work, as it is played in 2021. Let's start it.

Top 10 NEW GAMES of Game Awards 2021 [4K] Barony

■ A first person's viewpoint ACT challenged to a strange dungeon First, introduce the first to the voxel loose graphic Barony to adventure the dungeon. It is characteristic of severe game potency that will die without being able to hold it down to the appearance. The player selects one of the different items and the status from different classes, and to proceed with the search for dungeons from a first aspect. The battle progresses in real time rather than a turn system. Action element is a basic work, such as holding a shield in a space and left-clicking.

It should be noted that a game system that seems to be strongly aware of traditional doglike works. There are many factors that cause unparalleled weapons and foods that are rolled in and out, and a cane or scroll that does not know until it is used. Generally, it can be said that it is a work that loses the elements of traditional Homelike well to the first one-person point action. By the way, the development is now continued while the 2015 release works, and the development is continued, and the entire UI renovation for the game pad is scheduled.


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