Supergiant Hades wins the first price Hugo for the best video game

As if the Hugo Awards adding this category were not cool enough, they chose an excellent title to give it. The reception of Hades was excellent and almost unanimously positive. The game beats Last of Us Part 2 and the Final Fantasy remake 7, among others. Some viewers found the nomination of Animal Crossing: New Horizons a little strange, wondering if the game counted as science fiction or fantastic. But anyway, this title did not come home with a victory. As for Hades, well, you would have trouble finding someone upset by this news.

Hades is a apelike acclaimed by the criticism that follows the many attempts at Agrees to escape hell.

Greg Kasai, creative director of Super giant Games and Screenwriter of Hades, could not be present at the official Hugo event to deliver a speech. However, he created one for social media, which means that it is accessible to all. The full speech can be found here.

Inside Supergiant Games During the Overwhelming Reaction to Hades 1.0 I am very grateful to all my colleagues for the super going games that made hell possible. Greg said at the end of speech. It's basically a teamwork.

Curiously, it's not the first time Hades receives this kind of price. Some time ago, he won the Nebula 2020 prize for writing games. There are so many reasons to love Hades, but if you are a game writing fan, there is no reason not to take a look at it. Any game that leaves an impact as strong must be something special!

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