Switch online extension gets first new N64 game and it is a RPG

The N64 was not blessed with good role-playing games. Many large brands changed after the end of Super Nintendo for competition — among other things, because Nintendo absolutely wanted to hold on to Cartridge technology. Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Suicide, Breath of Fire — None of this appeared for the 64-bit machine. For a long time, the below-average quest 64 was the only RPG lining on the console. But then Nintendo himself published the best role-playing game probably for the N64: Paper Mario.

Paper Mario comes for Switch online

Already from the coming week we can play Paper Mario in the Nintendo Switch online expansion fun. Am 10 . December If you want to add the title of the library.

This is Paper Mario: With Paper Mario, a long-standing series was justified, which with the first part and the direct successor Paper Mario: the legend of the Longer for the Gamete contains only two real RPGs. All later offshoots went their own way and have all very special combat systems that did not always arrive well at the community. The latest part, Paper Mario: The Origami King for the Switch, but some fans could recover.

In Paper Mario, you play the naming protagonist, who in the course of the game a group of helpers around him. In the round-based battles, one friend is one friend. With the hammer or a jump you keep your enemies, collects experience points and Level Mario and his team. Some also see Paper Mario as a spiritual successor to the Super Mario RPG developed by Square: Legend of the Seven Stars, which appeared for the SNES in 1996.

The official trailer gives you an insight into the expansion pass:

First new entry for expansion pass: The expansion pass appeared in October with nine N64 games. Paper Mario is the first title that is newly added. In the coming months, more than 20 more will follow. These games have so far been confirmed:

The Legend of Zelda: Major's Mask Pokémon snap Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards Mario Golf F-ZERO X Banjo-Kazooie

An overview of all previously published games can be found here:

Nintendo Switch Online - Nintendo 64: Paper Mario - Official Trailer

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These games are to follow for Nintendo Switch Online

In addition to the officially confirmed by Nintendo new items, a data miners could dig up even more potential matches for the expansion pass. Among other well-Wave Race, Smash Bros. and Mario Party 1-3 are eligible for the N64 app. However, since the list in the Code does not contain specific names, these are still speculations.

Are you glad about Paper Mario? And what titles you wish you next? Let us know in the comments.


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