The Nintendo 64 Paper Mario 64 joins the Nintendo Switch online collection on December 10

Nintendo has announced the first game that will expand the Nintendo 64 catalog of Nintendo Switch Online: Paper Mario, the Intelligent Systems RPG set in the plumber universe, will reach the subscription catalog on December 10.

Published in the year 2000 (2001 outside of Japan), Paper Mario is something like the continuation of Super Mario RPG and starts a fruitful spin-offs line that reaches our days: Last year was published in Switch The Origami King, The last delivery. Developed by Intelligent Systems instead of by Square, which was the first choice, the game lightens the strictest parts of the traditional RPG and bends the bet for humor; It was a well-calculated bet, because the game was received with great enthusiasm and is considered one of the essentials of its console.

Nintendo Switch Online - Nintendo 64: Paper Mario - Official Trailer

It is the first game that is added to those available from Nintendo 64 with the Face Subscription of Nintendo Switch Online, that of the expansion pass; Since September of this year, remember, the offer of classic games of Nintendo hybrid was expanded with a selection of Nintendo 64 and Mega Drive titles that is accessed through a more expensive annual payment, 40 euros instead Of the 20s of the standard subscription.

It is not a service that has been exempt from controversy, and it seems that the expansion by pure drip can be added to the list of reasons to contradict a community less and less in accordance with difficult scarcity policies to justify. Other games are expected to arrive soon, including classic as Banjo-Kazooie, F-Zero X, Pokémon Snap or Major's Mask.

From this service, their problems and their attractions we talk at the Reload podcast, not so long ago; You can hear what we said below (if the video does not start at the right time, it is from minute 49).


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