Activision Blizzard shares shoot after the purchase of Microsoft

The purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft is having all kinds of consequences of the industry, and not just video games. And is that after it was officially known, the agreement between both companies, the actions of Activision were shot in the stock exchange of New York, reaching a historical price.

Microsoft paid $68.7 billion by Activision Blizzard, figure that we had never seen in the gaming industry. Obviously, this would also have a direct reaction in the company's shares, which have now been shot up to 26.77%, and there was even an instance where they exceeded 30%.

Microsoft But what about Microsoft actions? Well, these have not been affected or positively or negatively. That is, it seems that its shareholders are confident that the signature of Redmond made a good decision when buying Activision Blizzard, and most likely it is going to be.


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