Activision Blizzard, which is acquired by Microsoft, Criticized CEO Bobby Kotick is a persistent unparented opaque. Sexual harassment turtle

Microsoft announced the acquisition of Activision Blizzard January 18. Activision Blizzard was a vortex such as sexual harassment issues since the middle of the American game company. Bobby Kick, a company CEO, who was standing in the criticism, is to stay in.

Activision Blizzard is an American leading game company that works for popular franchises such as Overwatch and Call of Duty. As for the company, the company agrees to the acquisition of about 8 trillion yen by Microsoft, and announced that it plans to enter under the umbrella of Phil Spencer, which led the Xbox business (related articles). The acquisition completion time is expected to be within the fiscal year of Microsoft, from the end of June 2023. In addition, Microsoft and Activision Blizzard Microsoft Gaming is a game company that boasts sales of Sony and third largest in the world, which follows Sony, Tencent, after completion of acquisition.

Activision It is a problem that I feel like I'm surrounding Activision Blizzard from last year. The company was a lawsuit from administrative agencies because of the flooding of harmful work culture and sexual harassment last July last year. Since then, we continue to accuse and retirement of funds by the current employee. The company CEO's Bobby Kick has also been developed to a demonstration that asked for harassment and a demonstration for CEO retirement (related articles). In other words, in order to show changes in Activision Blizzard, the most advanced person is attracting attention.

And according to the announcement on the Activision Blizzard side for this acquisition, Kick is to stay as CEO. He also comments about the prospects by cooperation with Microsoft, in the presentation. He also conveys the prospects for minimal to change the change of employees after the acquisition completion. And, until the completion of acquisition continues, it will continue to be an enthusiasm to serve as CEO. However, in the announcement, he has not touched about his retirement etc. In other words, it is an opaque state for advancing, including after the acquisition completion. On the other hand, in the Microsoft side announcement, the company is expressed as Microsoft Gaming CEO's direct control after acquisition is complete. The New York Times reporter Karen Was, who interviewed Kick, has been interviewed directly, Kick avoids the reminder after completion of acquisition. In any case, Kick is going to watch out the acquisition completion.

In addition, in consideration of the above problems, Microsoft and XBOX official announcements for acquisition are strongly launched to respect the inclusion (inclusion). In addition, also refer to Culture that receives staff, and spreads to Activision Blizzard. In other words, it is an intention to construct an environment that is not discriminated by gender, sexual orientation and disability, etc. in the company.

This acquisition may be a gospel for the user. Among Microsoft announcements, it has been reported to expand the Activision Blizzard works currently released and the Activision Blizzard works that will be released in the future with the Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass. And for the Activision Blizzard work currently expanded on each platform, we show the policy to continue support on each platform. In addition, by entering under the umbrella of Microsoft, it is also possible to give an optical prospect to the prospect of new work such as overwatch 2 which has been concerned about development. I also want to expect to announce specific deployment titles.

SPENCER was saying Review the relationship between Xbox and Activision Blizzard in an in-series document, as well as a series of turmoils. In addition, in the interview posted by the New York Times, commented that there was a change in how to get along with the company. He narrated that the industry was important for the industry to improve their hands. SPENCER's series of remarks may have been a stone for this acquisition. How does Activision Blizzard change under Microsoft and Spencer?


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