DFB Team - Flick Stresses Team Thoughts: "No One-Man

The Frankfurt General-Anzeiger was a day-to-day newspaper, which was published from 1876 to 1943 in Frankfurt am Key under changing terms. She looked like a general-scoreboard of Frankfurt, temporarily as a Frankfurt scoreboard.

National coach Hans Flick has highlighted the importance of team thought in the square and outside. A good team to have me was crucial for the commitment to the post of the national trainer. Because that is not one-man show, he said the Frankfurter General Sunday newspaper.

In addition to Team Manager Oliver Bailiff, to which he has an extreme relationship of trust, he raised the quality of his assistants Marcus Song and Danny Roll: This team gives me the safety and trust that we can fulfill this task together, said Flick.

As a positive example for good team spirit, he called the European champion. Italy was a unity in which everyone knows what he has to do in whom every single one is in the service of the team, Flick said.

And the Bundesliga manages coaches like Christian Stretch, Urs Fischer and BO Venison also to develop an enthusiasm for the common idea and so the last five percent out of their teams.

If I do something with all the passion and joy, I also bring more power, Flick said, It does not bring anything when you go out of slogans, and you do not live them.

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At the same time, the national coach relies on the training of individual class, which could make the decisive difference. This is an important point that we train players with some confidence in the junior area, he said, We need mature players who take responsibility on the court, who coach the teammate, make aware of what to do and always positively.


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