So you can redo a game in Valorant

Competitive team games always have a big problem: the Trolls and players who disconnect at half a departure. Fortunately, Riot Games has implemented a new measure to redo the games in Valorant , as they did with League of Legends. There are certain requirements that must be fulfilled before you can do this, and here we explain what they are.

From the patch 1.07, it is already possible to redo the games in Valorant in case one of the players are disconnected at the beginning of it. If the player is disconnected from the purchase phase until the end of the first round, it is enough to write the command / remake in the general chat. Each player must vote that yes to rehang the game. Unfortunately, with a single person who vote that will not be enough for the game to continue.

I What happens when a game is related? Well, all the players who voted that they will not receive a loss of XP, RR or MMR . On the other hand, the player who has disconnected will receive a sanction equivalent to as if it had been disconnected by a full game.


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