The NFL end of Antonio Brown? Receiver runs from the field

There are no two opinions about the sporting value of Antonio Brown: The Wide Receiver is a different player who can help every team. The 33-year-old had not shown the Dress of Tampa Bay Buccaneers last week.

But his 83 touchdowns in 146 Regular Season games for the Steelers, Patriots and Bus were back in the background.

For as the reigning and again prematurely for the play-offs qualified Super Bowl winners in the third quarter was astounding with 10:24 at the New York Jets behind, Brown seemed suddenly frustrated at the side line. To date, he had received only five passports on this match day of Quarterback Tom Brady, three of them caught for 26 yards.

Antonio Brown Has A MELTDOWN! | Rips Jersey Off, Walks Off Field Shirtless During Tampa Bay Game

A long list of incidents

Why was it right after that, because suddenly the professional pulled out half, threw in the strange stadium his shirt on the ranks and streamed upper body free of the field. Brown still hosted the audience, apparently applauded himself and disappeared among the many sworn views of his teammates, his coaches and other people in the player tunnel.

Well possible now that this was his last appearance in the NFL. In question, if a team will take such an athlete again under contract. Safe is at least ever from the Bus: whose Head Coach Bruce Arians confirmed the sacking even in the evening.

A small review: Brown should throw furniture from a hotel window in 2018 and almost hit a 22-month-old child and his grandfather, and he had left overseas the Steelers years ago, as well as shortly before the season is negative about Pittsburgh and playmaker Ben Roethlisberger spoken. This was followed by a shameful intermediate station at the Las Vegas Raiders, which he returned to New England shortly before the start of the season 2020/21. There, sexual harassment allegations came up, so Brown was away from the window (u.a. Lock of eight games). But Brady, then at the Patriots already teammate from off, remembered the sporty strong receiver and had it even with him.

This was followed by the signature at the Buccaneers, where coach Arians was behind the chance for the professional — with very good success including Super Bowl victory. But Brown was locked again in the meantime this season because he was supposed to show a fake vaccination pass.


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