A large update for session: SIM Skate

Nacon and Creā Ture Studios provide session news: SIM Skate on the occasion of the deployment of a large update available as part of its anticipated access to XBOX, Steam and Epic Games Store.

Session: Skate Sim - Huge Update Trailer With the nacon support that even greeted the Montreal studio in his family, Creā Ture Studios continues to work to achieve the best skate simulation possible, while Electronic Arts still boosters on the return of skate. According to the statement, 200,000 players have been mounted on the boards since the beginning of early access and it is their returns that have shaped this new update, exit with a few months behind the initial program to take the time to do things properly.

And for good reason, this update has reworked the physics of characters in the hope of offering a gesture closer to the true skaters and therefore a better gaming experience. "The interval between the board and skateboard becomes significantly better and brings more sensations and fluidity ", can we read. Meanwhile, the playground is enriched by 2 new cards still open: Jerome Avenue Banks in New York City and FDR Park in Philadelphia. The team has taken care of adding a little life to its environments by adding pedestrians and animations in the streets.

Five new skaters are also entry and now wear the number of floors: Antiferg, Mark Appleyard, Billy Marks, Manny Santiago and Beagle join Ribs Man, Donovan Strain, Dane Burman and Daewon Song. Finally, this big update justifies its status with the addition of a new mode based on objectives. "In visiting the different neighborhoods of New York and Philadelphia, the player is brought to meet skators and accesses different missions. The new tricks successfully made to gain legitimacy and visibility with sponsors", we say.

Recall that session: Skate SIM will also be available on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 when the game will be officially available.


Session: Skate SIM - Trailer of the "Great Update"


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