Elden Ring: Fan becomes the monster to ventilize from Softwares secrets

Each fromSoftware game is filled until overflowing with secrets. Elden ring is not different. The knowledge of knowledge forces a fan now, however, an indescribably malignant act. It is fully rightly convicted of the community to the most serious.

Elden Ring: Never kills the turtle pope!

On the journey through the deadly world of Elden Ring, every friendly face is a welcome change. One of the NPCs is undeniable better than anyone else. The speech is of course the turtle pope . The name is program here. It is a turtle wearing a pope hat.

Secret Boss in Elden Ring The reddit user VG_CRIMSON was immediately occupied by the irresistible charism of the Turtle Pope. Nevertheless, he is curious whether from Software would reward him for it when he goes against the friendly teacher. So he does the unspeakable and kills the toad. From his neutre-embossed narrative, the turtle pope has just as many lifestyles as a boss . Despite the beatings, he assumes that he does not fail to the player the attack and that he would neither rub nor take revenge.

Elden Ring: The Turtle Pope has already given you

The cruel experiment finally ends with a heartbreaking cry of turtle pope. As a reward for the cruel act, the Reddit user receives only a bit of turtle meat . No good yield. After all, the turtle was one of the best magic teachers in the game. He calls the community to never do what he did:

_ "There is nothing to win and you not only loses the convenience, but also a part of yourself." _

As a particularly tragic details, he also realizes that he himself does not have to do to the church of the vow, even after his act . This can only mean that the turtle pope has already forgiven himself.


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