How to fly with chicken in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

One of the seasonal quests over the past few weeks of chapter 3 season 1 requires that we flew with chicken more than 20 feet. It can be one of the most difficult tasks, especially if you do not know where to find them or controls to capture them.

The best place to search for chicken is the north-eastern part of the map. Chickens roam around, so there is no rebirth point installed, but you can almost always find one walking around the fields between The Daily Bug and Shifty Shafts. Kuras are also common in the entire lower quarter of the island. You can see the best spawning seats on the map below.

Fly With A Chicken (Where To Find A Chicken In Chapter 3 - WINTERFEST CHALLENGES)

When you find a chicken, understand how to fly with it is easy. Just come to the chicken, stuck (so that it does not run away), and as soon as you see a hint to grab a chicken, press the main interaction button (PC: "E", Xbox: "X", PlayStation: Square).. You will take a chicken and run, holding it above your head.

The flight should be sequential 20 feet. The best way to fulfill this quest is to raise a chicken on the hill and jump, and then slowly descend to a lower height.

Once you turn 20 feet at a time, you will complete the quest!

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