The precuer of my hero academy will end before thought

HORIKOSHI SAID WHAT!?!? MHA Possibly Continuing After Ending! | My Hero Academia Undoubtedly, My Hero Academy has been positioned as one of the most popular animes today, and manga fans have a lot to anticipate. Kohei Horikoshi, Its author, is working hard with the launch of new chapters, but when it comes to his prequel, it seems that things will come to an end much sooner than thought.

Shuheisha published a sketch of My Hero Academy: Vigilantes, which promotes the Great Fight that will be held out soon, which would also serve to put an end to this story. Or at least as it confirms it Shonen Jump.

My Hero Academy: Vigilantes It develops before Izuku Midoriya and company reach the classrooms of * A High School . This story follows the adventures of Koichi , who aspires to become someone like All Might . Once he begins his journey to rescue the citizens of Naruhata , he meets several family faces like Eraser Head and Mirko **, for mentioning a few.

Although it has not yet been confirmed to one hundred percent, there is a possibility that MHA: vigilantes also receives their own adaptation to anime, and here you can read more details about it.


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