Apex Legends Season 6 tips and tricks for beginners

Season 6 is the perfect time to dive into Apex Legends. The Royal Battle has just had a fairly important meta-change, so the playground is about as uniform as possible between veteran players and newcomers. If you have just started, here are the essential tips we can give you to make your trip in Apex Legends easier and more fun.


Our first tip is to play with friends because the solo queue is a nightmare. You will meet players who do not communicate or are ineffective. You will often be paired with less skilled players who hold you or to desperados too aggressive that rush without you. In the rare case where you disembark a good team, you should invite them after the game and try to maintain synergy.


Do not do too much ping, especially in combat. If your teammates pull, it means they already have a target. Do not overwhelm their awareness of combat with unnecessary noise.

15 EASY TIPS to IMPROVE INSTANTLY - Predator Ranked Tricks - Apex Legends Guide Conversely, do not hesitate to report a danger if you think you heard or see some1. It is best to be wrong and have to cancel the ping rather than not sending ping at all and allow your team to be caught in ambush.

Use meta legends and firearms

It's season 6, and more than ever, it seems that Apices Legends will never be perfectly balanced. During the start-to-season development stream, Respawn developers openly discussed their inability to align different legends in terms of power. Their internal data show that, despite recent nerves, Wraith and Pathfinder have the best combat success of all legends, and Bloodhound has the worst. This is the case for at least 6 seasons so far. You can work very hard to try to operate things chronly under-regulated, or you can use meta legends and firearms and win parts.

Do not wear unnecessary booty

The inventory space is limited in Apex Legends, with important objects such as grenades and Phoenix kits each occupying a whole backpack location. Do not hang out objects unless they are certainly entitled. Things to avoid: Mobile reappearance tags, parts and ammunition for weapons you do not have, more than one ultimate accelerator.

Learn not to do things

Knowledge of the situation and self-control are the main factors of success in Apex Legends. You can fight, make, revive, reappear, scan tags, run enemies, build bunkers and much more - but do any of these things without caution can easily attract useless attention to you and killing All your team. Learn to always take a little time before going to action and tell your team what you are about to do.


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