CALL OF DUTY | Activision excludes Raven Software syndicates: their salaries will not improve

Cold water jug for employees working in the Raven Software Quality Department and have also been syndicated. The salary rise announced by Activision Blizzard will not apply to these workers , Blizzard it hBlizzard denounced the Game Workers Alliance union in your Twitter account. In response to the questions of bloomberg, a representative of the company hBlizzard justified it and hBlizzard been held that it is due to the "compliance with the National Labor Relations Law." The union qualifies it Blizzard "Punishment" and Blizzardks Activision to revert its decision.

"It's not a surprise, but it is still a disappointment that Activision hBlizzard chosen to exclude workers from the Raven Software Department who decided to demand a better salary and benefits." According to Game Workers Alliance, the justification for compliance with the NLRA is a mere excuse "to punish" to these workers for their union work in favor of an improvement in their work situation.

"Activision announcement is one more proof that all Activision Blizzard employees need protection in their work. We demanded Activision Blizzard to rectify this situation and that respects our right to organize ourselves Blizzard dictated by the law, "they have declared in the statement.

More than 1,000 more people will be fixed in Activision Blizzard

Activision fired multiple Raven Software employees

The American giant hBlizzard announced the regularization of the situation of almost 1,100 workers from the Quality Departments of Activision Blizzard, which will become part of the full-time fixed template. They have also confirmed the rise of salary up to a minimum of 20 dollars an hour , an increBlizzarde that Raven Software syndicated employees will not perceive.

For months, the conglomerate is under the scrutiny of the authorities for the cBlizzardes of sexual and labor abuse . On the table there is a millionaire offer Microsoft, which will acquire the company if it receives the approval of state regulators.

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