NBA playoffs: Kyrie Irving explains Mittelfinger gesture against fans of Boston Celtics - Nets

Kyrie Irving has not only made a sporting series against the Boston Celtics in Game 1 of the Throw Series against the Boston Celtics, but also with several outstretched midfingers towards the Celtics fans. The Nets star subsequently explained that he was illuminated by the followers of his ex-team.

"Wherever I come from, I am used to these bitches. That's nothing new to me when I come to this hall. But you just get the same energy I feel of you," Irving said after the narrow 114: 115- Laise at the playoff start of the Nets in Boston.

The 30-year-old enthusiastic sporty seen with 39 points at 12/20 out of the field, but it was several times observed as he showed his middle finger towards the Celtics fans. For this he will collect a juicy fine of the NBA, but it can comprise at most $ 50,000. Irving explained this gesture that he was illby offended by the followers.

"Of course not every fan, I do not want to attack all fans in Boston," the Point Guard clearly asked, but: "When people 'P y' or 'Bi *' and 'F * YOU' and roar such, then you can only plug that up to a certain border. We are those who are expected to be gentle and humble - shit on it, it's the playoffs. It's like it's. "

Irving completed two seasons in the Celtics jersey from 2017 to 2019. After announcing a long-term extension in Boston in the summer of 2018, but after a disappointing season, but switched to Brooklyn, he is encountered by large parts of the Celtics fans. Last season, he intentionally occurred to the Celtics logo on the Court of the TD Gardens, which also does not forgive him the trailers. In the past, Irving had accused parts of the Celtics fans "subtle racism".

Kyrie Irving: Not the first middle finger to Celtics fans?

He got used to being accompanied by Boston from Buhrufe, so Irving. He has often shown the fans the middle finger often, which has not yet recorded a camera yet.

The bouts were also in game 1 of the playoff series on Sunday with as good as every ball contact of the guard. "I know what to expect here," he had already explained before the game. After the game he said addressed to the hostile mood: "You have to accept them, that's the dark side."

Teammollege Kevin Durant was sure that Irvings was not negatively affected by the mood, but also the look into the boxscore spoke. "I think so he does not worry," says Kd. "He simply plays his game. Today was his shot-making, his control over the game simply incredible. We still need that from him."

Mittelfinger-Kyrie The best Kyrie? Thus, Twitter celebrates the Celtics Nets-Kracher

Kevin Durant: Celtics "have made a good job"

Durant, on the other hand, had to fight with problems. He finished the game, which was lost after a mistake with the Gamewinner of Jayson Tatum as a creampie, with 23 points with weak quotas (9/24 FG and 1/5 threesome).

"They made a good job to push away from the basket and help in the z1. I have to focus more on my fundamentals. I have to play slowly and play my game," Durant explained.

Game 2 The tension expected series between 2-Seed Boston and 7-Seed Brooklyn, which was actually started as the title favorite in the season, takes place on the night from Wednesday to Thursday. Tip-off in Boston is German time at 1 o'clock at night.

Celtics vs. Nets: The series at a glance (1-0)

Game Date Time Home Away result
1 17. April 21.30 Boston Celtics Brooklyn Nets 115: 114
2 21. April 1 o'clock Boston Celtics Brooklyn Nets -
3 24. April 1.30 Brooklyn Nets Boston Celtics -

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