Nintendo Switch Sports reveals a new Bonus of Pre

Wii Sports Theme Is Back! - 11 NEW Nintendo Switch Sports Details! (Controls, Unlockables, & More!) Deports of the Nintendo switch will be launched at the end of the month, and some Nintendo Switch owners may wonder where they should buy it. Today, Nintendo and Walmart revealed a pre-order bonus from a steel water bottle that will be available exclusively for those who obtain the retailer's game. As for the bonds, it is quite elegant, with the logo of the game, as well as images of the six sports that will be available to play at the launch. Games like Deportes Wii you know they make players sweat, so this looks like an appropriate gift!

Readers interested in reserving the game from the Walmart website can do so. right here. You can find an image of the steel water bottle on the Tweet incrusted below.

A sequel to Deportes Wii and _ Sports Wii_, _ Nintendo switch_pores presents a mixture between new and recurring activities. In the launch, players can expect to see tennis, bowling, chambara / fencing, soccer, volleyball and badminton, all of which are represented in the bottle of water shown above. Later this year, Nintendo will also add golf to the game. _ Nintendo_ switch _Seports will also have online games, customization options and more.

Wii Sports Games occupy a special place in the hearts of many players! The original Deportes Wii launched in 2006 as a game package for Nintendo Wii, and quickly proved to be one of the most important points of sale for the console. The follow-up, _ Sportship Wii_, also turned out to be a great success. It remains to be seen if pore of the Nintendo switch may access that same market, but there seems to be a lot of emotion among those who spent a lot of time with the original Wii games.

_Deports of the Nintendo switch will be launched exclusively in Nintendo Switch on April 29. Until then, readers can consult all our previous game coverage here.

Are you excited to see _Deports of the Nintendo switch? What do you think of this pre-order bonus for the game? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!


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