The Star Wars - Rogue Squadron Games could come as Remaster

If the demand of players is sufficiently large, Asyr Media would strive to return the Star Wars - Rogue Squadron Games.

Star Wars Rogue Squadron Series Set to Return!

Star Wars is currently one of the hottest topics in the video game industry. There are a taste title, including Electronic Arts, Skydance New Media and Quantic Dream and other studios, in development and only a few days ago, Lego Star Wars - the Skywalker Saga appeared and enjoys more than 3.2 million sold Copies in 2 weeks greater popularity. No wonder, the game is simply successful, as we have found in our review.

After all, the thirst should be satisfied after new war-der-star material, right? But far missed! The Twitter user Sam Schumacher has the Portierungspetzialist of Asyr Media (Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Star Wars: Jedi Knight 2) just asked how the opportunities are to port the "Rogue Squadron" series on current systems. The answer does not really surprise, but for that who suddenly has fallen into the entertainment. The Social Media Team of Asyr has explained that they themselves be great Star Wars fans and would be pleased to bring out the two Gamecube games as well as the part for the Nintendo 64 for the current system, as long as there is sufficient demand for the players.

So far, as normal and actually not unusual for a conversation in the social networks. Until at once Julian Eggebad, the former head of Factor 5 and the main responsible designer of the "Rogue Squadron" series, because there were plans already in the past, at least the two Rogue Leader parts appeared for the Gamecube, to publish on the Wii. The project was already finished, there were additional levels, multiplayer mode, a motion control, which supported all controllers (from the Wii remote control to the steering wheel) and also offered lightweight duels. All that ran on the small console with 60fps.

Unfortunately, for various reasons (financial crisis 2008, restructuring at Lucasarts etc.) never came to a release. Eggebradrecht also realized in the conversation on social media that then one should definitely remast the first part and to use the high-resolution ship models of the other games. It would be his statement according to the ultimate rogue experience on the switch, which also has movement control.

Of course, all this is not a confirmation that the "Rogue Squadron" series is really ported for current platforms, but it is definitely a story where we will stay tuned.