Announced emerging religious horror game "The Cant". A creepy spiritual preaching method to taste on an isolated island

Publisher Prime Matter announced on May 17 that the horror action adventure " The Chant " will be released in the fall of 2022. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam) and PlayStation 5/Xbox Series X | S. A teaser trailer for Japan has been released in conjunction with the announcement.

"The Canto" is a horror action adventure game on the theme of emerging religions. A dubious spiritual religious organization that tries to enlighten in nature on the peaceful remote island has appeared. They argue that "the question is the entrance to the spiritual world." In addition, he says that he has opened himself in the infinite possibilities in the wilderness, and preaches the believers the spiritual and fragrant teachings.

In addition, it seems that there are traces of another group in the 70's on the remote islands. There seems to be some deep secrets in this area. In the outline of the trailer video, there is a hashtag that is called Cosmic Horror, and cosmic existence may appear.

The official Twitter and Instagram account of this work "The Canto" is operated as a fictional religious organization Prismic Science. However, from the content of the post, it seems that it is an account of a suspicious emerging religious organization. The first tweet states, "PRISMIC SCIENCE will be the key to recreating all of your way to a brighter future." Although it encourages retweets and follow -ups, it is so fragrant that you will hesitate if you are not convinced of the game public relations account.

Others show the three activities of organizations, such as "illuminating your path with light", "satisfying the missing part of your inner", and "helping you to become a person you are aiming for." The image is tweeted. In addition, you can also check posts introducing Tyler Anton, a leader, which is said to lead a spiritual journey in Prismic Science.

And in these tweets, the number of garbled characters is increasing each time the sun is followed. At the same time, the tweeted images have changed to disturbing things, and it was unveiled that it was the official account of the horror game "The Cant". Glory Island, which has been used as a tweet hashtag, seems to be the name of the isolated island that is the stage of this work. Will Tyler Anton, a leader, also appear in the main story? I would like to look forward to the elaborate public relations production and the link of the main game.

10 Horror Video Games So Terrifying We Couldn't Finish Them This work is a Brass Token based in Vancouver, Canada. This is the first development title for the studio. The studio is said to be composed of a few elite staff who have developed Sleeping Dogs and Bully. Although the staff is a small scale, it seems that it is produced using various technologies, such as motion capture in facial expressions and actions, 3D scanning and photo surveying.

The CHANT will be released in the fall of 2022 for PC (Steam) and PlayStation 5/Xbox Series X | S.