Bethesda is moving: How to transfer Skyrim, Fallout and more to Steam

On May 11th, Bethesda concludes his gates to the in -house launcher. In the future you will only be able to play your favorites like Fallout and Skyrim on Steam. You have to become active now and follow a few steps. We'll tell you how you get the move smoothly here.

Bethesda gives his launcher the passport

Быстрый перенос игр из Bethesda к себе на аккаунт Steam Some time ago, Bethesda already announced that the support for would be set. Now the time has come-and this step ensures a drastic change for some PC players.

Because if you have acquired and started his Bethesda games about the in-house launcher so far, you now have to move-to Steam. Bethesda announced this in an official blog entry. After all, all games that you have bought over the over the past few years, can now be transferred free of charge to your Steam account -and you should do that quickly.

Already on 11. May 2022 Bethesda will take the alternative launcher off the net. After the deadline has expired, you will no longer be able to start your games about it. But don't panic! You can still transfer your games to your Steam account after the launchers' setting-Bethesda explicitly mentions in the FAQ (source: Bethesda).

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How to move to Steam with Skyrim and Co.

To transfer your games to Steam, you only have to register on the Bethesda page with your login data and then add to your steam account under the menu item "Linked". Then you will find the point "Library" **, which allows you to transfer all your games to Steam. That's it already!

The Steam parade has its pitfalls

In the official contribution to the big move to Steam, Bethesda also mentions that some games can occur. For example, it may be that your memory does not automatically transmit to some games . Instead, you have to secure and move them manually. Bethesda explains exactly how this is done for every affected game on the official website.

To the savegame guide from Bethesda

In addition, all games that you transfer to Steam have to be downloaded again again if you want to play them.

Some players also complain that the system does not yet work properly . For example, those affected report that they bought the Deluxe edition of Rage 2 via the, but only the standard edition is displayed after moving to Steam (source: PCGamer).

If you also have such or similar problems with the move, it is best to contact the official Bethesda customer service promptly.

To the Bethesda customer service


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