Dofus: a race for Dofus Ocher and Bouataklônes

After an overhaul of the Eternal Harvest during update 2.63, the Dofus team offers you a new opportunity to get your hands on the ocher. For 2 weeks, a large event is set up and allows you to more simply generate archimonsters through bouataklônes!

DOFUS OCRE: Watch Twitch Lives, go in dungeon and collect bouataklônes!

From the "Bosquet evil" patch, players can harvest " Divine Truks " by facing archimonsters they already have or for mutual aid. The latter give access to boutaklônes, randomly generating what you need to make the different stages of the quest. But if it was still possible to accelerate everything?

From Tuesday, May 17 to Tuesday May 31 , each dungeon will have a chance to drop a divine truk. The latter will be all the higher since your level is close or lower than that of the dungeon. Note that depending on official comments, the rate will be fixed. Dungeons with several bosses will give you as many resources as there are guards, provided that they are not invocations or Tynril.

Beyond this event, the Dofus team makes the decision to divide the cost of Bouataklônes by 2 by 2 from Tuesday 17. Good news for all absent and still wishing to advance more quickly.

an ocher to recover on Twitch?

Dofus Fraktal - All achievements in 1 run - 200 score, Blitz & Hermit + Challenge [ Easy ]

Continuing on a momentum of Twitch Drops, Ankama offers a campaign open to all throughout the duration of this race at the Dofus Ocre . Indeed, it will be active on all channels in the game category and will give access to several gifts. The latter will give you an object increasing your chances of obtaining divine truks " the Super Catpter-Truk " and a Mystery Box Rubik’s Cube. These effects should logically apply only on the dungeon guards and therefore stop at the end of the event. You can learn more about the procedure with our article dedicated to the Drops Ankama Twitch.