Microsoft Flight Simulator will fly over the big

Microsoft Flight Simulator has received some regular updates since its launch in August. Shortly after its release, Asobo Studio published an update that upgraded Japan with some new airports. This was followed by an American update last week. This update has added large American monuments such as Mount Rushmore, the statue of freedom and the devil's tower. Asobo is looking on the other side of the pond its next update. Asked about it during their questions and answers on Twitch, they said they would overhaul Great Britain.

To clarify, there are the British Islands, which include England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Then there is the United Kingdom, which is England in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Then there is Great Britain, which is England, Wales and Scotland; No Ireland. This update focuses on Great Britain, so it seems that Ireland will remain intact. The developers said they would probably update Ireland in its entirety, but the flight data is simply not ready at this stage. This update from Great Britain will apparently add between 50 and 60 new points of interest in the region.

Microsoft Flight Simulator - Ireland There is no current estimate of the arrival time, but if the gaps between the update versions are something to be resolved, this can occur in a few months. Either this or it may depend on the size of the area in question. If this is the case, Great Britain is smaller than the United States, so it could hope, to be faster. Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available for PC and will be available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X in 2021.

What region would you like to see reworked in the next updates? Let us know in the comments below.

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