Kemono Friends 3 PS4 version suddenly started distribution. Is the service starting from 18:00 on June 6th today?

On June 6, Apilits Co., Ltd. has launched the PlayStation 4 version of Kemono Friends 3 for free for free. At the time of writing this article, the distribution of the PS4 version has not been officially announced. In the app, it is said that maintenance is underway to prepare for the start of the service, so the announcement may be made today at 18:00, which is the expected ending time.


  • Mobile version game introduction movie

Kemono Friends 3 is the latest game series of the media mix work Kemono Friends. It is an RPG that excitement exploration with Friends. The mobile/PC version has been expanded ahead, and it has been transplanted for PS4.

In this work, the player adventures various places as the expedition Japari Park Security Investigation Corps. Everywhere you go, you can meet the unique Animal Girl Friends, and the original story will be developed. There is also a battle element that organizes a friend and confront the unidentified Cerulian that threatens Japari Park. Take advantage of the attributes of the friends and the skills of the frensity, the skills, and use the Miracle of each Friends to defeat Cerulian.

Friends have a growth factor, and there are systems such as kemo class and wildlife. There are also pleasures such as obtaining a variety of costumes such as exploration clothes and jerseys, and reading Zukan, which can make the original animals more familiar with Friends.

  • In the mobile/PC version, the main story and functions have been added along the roadmap.

The PS4 version Kemono Friends 3 is being distributed for free for basic play on the PlayStation Store. The official service seems to start today from 18:00 on June 6. As a login bonus, a ☆ 4 Friends Shop Show Ticket will be presented with your favorite Friends from the eight ☆ 4 frenze.